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Review ~ BEWITCHING WINTER by Serenity Woods

Bewitching Winter (The Four Seasons, #3)
by: Serenity Woods
Series: The Four Seasons
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Source: Author

Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love.

Six years ago, Neve Clark thought she’d found in Rhett Taylor the perfect doubles partner both on and off the badminton court, but their volatile relationship ended with a betrayal she couldn’t forgive. Since then, she’s dated plenty of guys in an attempt to recreate the passion she once felt with the man who broke her heart, but to no avail.

Anxious to put aside her growing despair that she’ll never find someone to replace him, she books herself on a business course in wintry Queenstown, New Zealand, with the aim of concentrating on her career as Marketing Manager for the Four Seasons lingerie company. It’s only when she turns up that she discovers the keynote speaker is her old flame.

After leaving New Zealand to pursue a career as a badminton player at international level, a series of unpredictable events leads Rhett back to the country and to the woman who haunts his dreams. A sizzling chemistry still exists between them, but even though he wants her back, Neve wants nothing to do with him.

Rhett’s not used to losing. Not everyone gets a second chance at both life and love, and this time he’s determined to win her heart…

Warning: Contains enough heat to melt the snow on the Southern Alps.


Bewitching Winter is the third book in Serenity Woods’ Four Seasons Book Series. As with the two prior books, this one focuses on one of the four ladies/friends that own and operate a women’s lingerie store called the Four Seasons in New Zealand. You don’t have to read the other books to follow this story but I think that you would better appreciate everything if you did. The previous books were very well written with intriguing characters and interesting ways for two people to end up together. Bewitching Winter is no different.

This time, the season that is represented is Winter and her name is Neve Clark. Neve is the most high strung of the four ladies. Since she is the head of marketing for the store, Neve travels out of town to take a marketing seminar in Queenstown. Unbeknownst to her, Rhett Taylor is one of the speakers for the course which lasts for a few days. Rhett is the one that got away and broke her heart. They dated for about a year several years ago and neither of them has gotten over each other. They have the same circle of friends but haven’t actually spoken to each other in 5 years. That makes their friends very uncomfortable when they come around. When Rhett takes the stage at the seminar and starts to dole out some background information about himself, Neve learns that Rhett had been diagnosed with testicular cancer not too long after his father passed away and it changed his life. Although he is now cancer free and healthy, Neve takes the news pretty hard and is forced to evaluate the anger and resentment she still holds towards Rhett after all of these years. In addition, another seminar participant dies of a heart attack.

As Rhett and Neve begin to communicate and tear down some of the walls that they have built between them, they end up sleeping together. Maybe sleeping isn’t the right word. They have some high intensity sex. Neve tries to convince herself that it’s a one time thing but it turns into a short term fling while they are at the hotel together. Of course, it is much more complicated than that. Rhett and Neve are good for each other and you can’t help but want them to be together. Their characters are fun and seem to be the kind of people that anyone would want in their circle of friends. I really appreciated the messages regarding forgiveness and moving forward. I will be happy to read the 4th and final book, Persuading Spring to see if Serenity Woods can continue cranking out great characters and a great storyline.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 5

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