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Review ~ THE FOUND by Cole McCade

The Found (Crow City, #2)
by: Cole McCade
Series: Crow City
Genre: Dark Erotica/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 22, 2016

Witness to a murder. Kidnapped by a monster. Life hanging on a whim. Willow Armitage’s world was already falling apart; between getting fired and caring for her chronically ill father, she’s had little room for anything but survival. But that survival hangs in the balance the night she stumbles into a back alley – and watches a stranger die at the hands of the most beautiful man she’s ever seen.
Lethal. Powerful. Unstable. Terrifying. The contract killer known only as Priest is a dangerous unknown, and when Willow wakes tied to a chair in his hideout, the only thing she sees in his fox-gold eyes is death. Yet for Priest, Willow is a dilemma: an innocent, a saint among the sinners he cuts down in the streets of Crow City. His code of honor forbids shedding innocent blood. Releasing her will send her straight to the police. The only answer is a warped game, and his promise: that he will find the darkness inside her, expose it, and prove that deep down, everyone is just as monstrous as he…and just as worthy of death.
Yet he unearths not a monster, but a smoldering and secret desire – one that has always terrified Willow, and may be her undoing. His touch sets her alight. His strength burns through her like flame. And his control melts her each time he binds her virgin body, possesses her, teaches her the strength in weakness and the passion in submission. But that passion may be her damnation, and in the end Willow must choose: Priest’s love, or her own life.
When his every kiss is pure sin…can she resist damnation long enough for Priest to find his way to redemption?
TRIGGER WARNING 18+: This story contains content centered around non-consent, bodily autonomy, sexual assault, bodily functions, and violence. Please focus on self-care above all, and don't be afraid to put the book down if you need to in order to protect yourself. You come first, always.


This book is exactly the reason I'm tighter with my five-stars. Because when something this brilliant comes along it deserves every single one. Holy hell, Vin "Priest" Mannion.

"Sometimes we find what we want in the strangest places."

I'm picky when it comes to the falling-for-your-abductor trope; it's one I've struggled with in the past because of stereotype and predictability. But here I am, eating my words, because The Found hit every spot. It's dark, it's gritty, it's unpredictable, and you feel everything the characters experience: it keeps you on your toes and has scenes that are, to be quite blunt, as hot-as-f*** and those which are heartfelt. And if you love those elements, then you'll devour every single moment.

"It’s not about capturing you. It's about showing you the pleasure in giving up control."

I loved Priest. LOVED HIM. Beneath the monster is most definitely a man, one with so many layers and I appreciated each one--the cold calm assassin, the tortured and tormented man battling his demons, and the man capable of deliciously dirty things. He stole my heart, put it through the ringer and I was there in that room with him and Willow every step of the way; sweet, vulnerable Willow who was stubborn as hell, determined and, when she wanted to be, downright bloody kick-ass. And the chemistry between them is something else with build-up, fight and discovery as Priest unleashes a side to Willow she never knew existed.

"She’d expected him to torture her. To hurt her. She hadn’t expected it to be like this, his touch invading her in ways she’d never allowed anyone..."

This story was so much more than I could have anticipated and I went through a myriad of emotions: not unusual when I pick up a book by this author, but some weren't necessarily ones I envisaged I'd feel. Priest and Willow have one hell of a journey filled with highs and lows, is perfectly paced for the period of time it covers and what you see is not what you get when it comes to either of them.

"Now...let’s see how much you can endure."

This is absolutely a read to experience in all its glory for yourself and Cole McCade proves he's a master at his craft: creating strong characters and a story which is raw, honest and poignant, filled with hate, lust, kink, determination, fear and perfectly timed humour. Priest and Willow are unforgettable characters: days after reading this they're still in my head and my heart, and I applaud Cole for making me swoon over a man who's a killer because Priest is quite possibly my favourite hero/anti-hero of all time. Crow City is shaping up to be a place where anything is possible and I'm excited to see where we're taken next.

(It's worth mentioning that although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone.)

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 5

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Cole McCade is a New Orleans-born Southern boy without the Southern accent, currently residing somewhere in Seattle. He spends his days as a suit-and-tie corporate consultant and business writer, and his nights writing contemporary romance and erotica that flirt with the edge of taboo—when he’s not being tackled by two hyperactive cats.
He also writes genre-bending science fiction and fantasy tinged with a touch of horror and flavored by the influences of his multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual background as Xen Sanders. He wavers between calling himself bisexual and calling himself queer, but no matter what word he uses he’s a staunch advocate of LGBTQIA representation and visibility in genre fiction. And while he spends more time than is healthy hiding in his writing cave instead of hanging around social media, you can generally find him in these usual haunts:

He’s recently launched the Speak Project, an online open-access platform where anyone can anonymously or openly share or read stories of abuse – a way for survivors to overcome the silencing tactics of abusers to speak out against what was done to them, and let other survivors know they’re not alone.
He also runs an advice column called Dammit, Cole, where he occasionally answers questions about everything from romance and dating to the culture of hypermasculinity, from the perspective of a male romance author:
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  1. WOW! Thank you for your fantastic and thorough review. I like dark erotica/romance, so I thought this was something I would enjoy, but now after reading this I am even more convinced I have to move this up on my TBR list. :) Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the book. It's currently on sale.


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