Monday, November 14, 2016

Feature Spotlight ~ TEMPTING TEXAS by Kimberly Raye

Tempting Texas (Rebel Moonshine, #3)
by: Kimberly Raye
Series: Rebel Moonshine
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback

Some things in life are too good to resist.

Jenna Tucker has had enough: She wants out of her family’s moonshine business—for good. With her share of the proceeds from a recently-revealed recipe, Jenna intends to renovate her grandfather’s old spread and focus on her true passion: breeding horses. When she finds an old trunk in the attic—and learns a big secret about the long-standing feud between her family and the Sawyers—Jenna realizes that escaping her family’s legacy won’t be so easy. . .

Now it’s up to Jenna to uncover the truth once and for all—one that could change the history of Rebel, Texas, forever. To complete her mission she must enlist the help of Sheriff Hunter DeMassi. Hunter, a direct descendant of patriarch Elijah Sawyer, just might be the key to solving the age-old mystery.. The only catch: Hunter is handsome as heck, and neither he nor Jenna can deny the fiery attraction that’s brewing between them. Is this a surefire recipe for ill-fated romance? Or are Jenna and Hunter just what their families need to heal old wounds?

Tempting Texas is the third book in Kimberly Raye's Rebel Moonshine series.

He was kissing her again.

There’d been no casual conversation. No easing into the moment. Just a knock on the door and bam, he was here. Now.

Kissing her.

Uh, oh.

Hunter’s strong, purposeful mouth moved over hers as he backed her into the hallway and kicked the front door shut with his boot. His tongue swept her bottom lip, licking and nibbling and coaxing and . . .

Wait a second. Wait just a freakin’ second. This shouldn’t be happening. Not here. Not with him.

Especially not him.

Just as the denial registered in her shocked brain, he deepened the kiss.

His tongue pushed inside, to tease and taunt and tangle with hers. All reasoning faded into a whirlwind of hunger that swirled through her like a tornado ripping through West Texas. Her heart started to thunder. Her adrenaline started to pump. Her nerves started to spin.

And all because of a kiss.

Hunter’s kiss.

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I've always been an incurable romantic. While I enjoy reading all types of fiction, my favorites, the books that touch my soul, are romance novels. From sexy to thrilling, sweet to humorous, I like them all. But what I really love is writing romance--the hotter the better!

I started my first novel back in high school and have been writing ever since. To date, I've published over thirty novels, one of them a prestigious RITA Award nominee, Romance Writers of America's highest award of excellence. I have also been nominated by Romantic Times magazine for several Reviewer's Choice awards, as well as a career achievement award.

I've written for several different publishers, including Harlequin Books, Leisure Books, Berkley/Jove, St. Martin's Press and Warner Books. Born and bred in the Lone Star State, I still live deep in the heart with my real-life hero, Curt, and our young children.

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