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Review ~ My Christmas Fiancé by Serenity Woods

My Christmas Fiancé (Love Comes Later, #1)

by: Serenity Woods
Series: Love Comes Later
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 20, 2016

A boss/secretary ‘marriage of convenience’ romance.


It’s not easy to reinvent yourself, but my thirteen-year-old son and I were ready for a new start. Old Maggie had been a magnet for disaster, but I decided that New Meg was going to be suave, sophisticated… and blonde. I landed a dream job at the other end of New Zealand as PA to three rich directors who spoil me rotten, I found a beautiful new apartment on the waterfront, and I felt reborn.

Then I wrote an email to a friend describing in vivid detail what I wanted to do to the sexiest of the directors—involving melted chocolate and/or whipped cream—and mistakenly sent it to All Staff. It turns out that New Meg is pretty much just Old Maggie with different packaging. Some things never change.


I’ve wanted Meg since she first walked into my office with her soft lips and sexy curves, but she wears another man’s ring, so I’ve steered well clear… until now. My mind’s been occupied anyway since I found my girlfriend, Natalie, in bed with another man. She’s desperate to have me back and won’t take no for an answer—so I’ve come up with a brilliant plan, to hire a fake fiancée for Christmas to prove to her that we’re done.

After sending her hot-as-hell email, Meg confessed the truth about her past, and it’s given me an idea. She’ll make an ideal fiancée, and I can protect her from the guy she’s running from. Sounds like the perfect plan, right? Her teenage son’s no problem because we get on great. Sharing her room? That’s more of a challenge, but I’ve always had excellent self-control.

Yeah, I know. I keep forgetting about the melted chocolate. What an idiot.

Warning: In New Zealand, Christmas happens at the height of summer. It’s hot, in and out of the bedroom. Have a fan on standby.


My Christmas Fiancé is the first book in Serenity Woods’ new Love Comes Later series. After reading her Four Seasons Series, I thought that I would know what to expect but I have to admit that I was wrong, but in a good way.  As if the previous series wasn’t hot enough, this one is hotter.  Plus, it’s told from the point of view of the hero and the heroine. More importantly, it’s actually a lot of fun.

Stratton Parker is the successful co-owner of a company that makes video games and controllers for the physically and visually impaired.  Meg Brown has been his personal assistant for the past five months.  It’s been seven months since Stratton ended his five year relationship with Natalie because she was pressuring him to have children although he told her from the beginning that kids were not an option because he did not want to pass on a gene that may render his children blind just like his sister Teddi.  That same gene gave Stratton two different color eyes just like David Bowie.  It’s no secret that Stratton and Natalie spent a considerable amount of time between the sheets but that’s the only place where they were really compatible.  On the other hand Stratton and Meg share a mutual attraction but Meg is married with a thirteen-year-old son.  That doesn’t stop Stratton from making naughty remarks though.

When it becomes clear that Natalie isn’t going to move on from Stratton, he decides that he needs to hire someone to be his fake fianceé for Christmas so that Natalie gets the message that it’s truly over.  With Meg in charge of hiring this fake fianceé, Stratton soon finds that unless he wants to hire a hooker, the position won’t be so easy to fill.  Eventually, circumstances regarding Meg’s marriage and a sexy email that inadvertently gets sent to the whole office, provide an opportunity for Meg to take on the task of fake fianceé.  As expected, that situation forces Stratton and Meg to explore their true feelings about each other, marriage, and family.  Their relationship is too hot for words.  They do things between the sheets that burn up the pages.  In addition, they find that they are really good for each other.  Of course, a relationship borne out of a lie comes with other complications.

I really enjoyed My Christmas Fiancé.  I expected it to be predictable but it wasn’t.  It was very honest and filled with passion just like their relationship.  Serenity Woods has the makings of another great series that I look forward to reading.

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed the book.**

Rating: 5

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