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The Magic & Mayhem Kindle World Continues.....

New releases in the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World series are here!!!

Have a look at:

Bridget's Witch's Diary by Heather Long

How much mischief can a witch with misfiring magical mojo get into?

Plenty…Life in Assjacket seems to have achieved an odd normal—if living with a former skunk turned into her professor lover and raising a hot-tempered teenager with out of control magic can be called normal. Bridget wants to embrace her new life except…déjà vu is driving her crazy.

Not to mention she still has to satisfy a deal with the vampires, please the Baba Yaga, get Rika’s wild magic under control, oh and—just in case there wasn’t enough on her plate, she has to learn to compromise with Martin, lest he skunk out on her again.

Impulse control has never been Bridget’s best quality. After Rika summons a highlander from the pages of her novel and declares her intentions to keep him, Bridget is pushed to the end of her tether. Then there’s that déjà vu. Maybe it’s just the repetitive nature of small town life.

Of course, when a witch shows up to take her highlander back, it will take Bridget’s odd little family working together to save Angus.

Witchin' You're A Dragon by Isabel Micheals

Sarah Abrams is on the run from a Dark Warlock who wants her secret power. A secret power she’s never divulged to anyone. But, the more she suppresses her true nature, the weaker her secret power becomes. When she’s cornered by the Dark Warlock in Sin City, it’ll take the power and ingenuity of a red dragon and his friends to help her escape.

Cole wasn’t sure what drew him toward the damsel in distress, but everything in his being told him to protect her. When he’s confronted by the Dark Warlock’s hellhounds, he’s left with only two choices. Let his dragon fly free and create more havoc on Sin City, or call in backup.

Either way, all hell is about to break loose again, when a feisty damsel in distress hiding her powers and an out-of-control, fire-breathing dragon hiding from a leotard wearing warlock find themselves surrounded by Dark Magic. Who knew sequins were flammable?

Witchin' Impossible 3: Familiar Protocol by Renee George

A disgruntled bear fiance. A wanted familiar. A hairless cat named Lonnie.. For Hazel Kinsey, it's just another day in Paradise Falls.

When Hazel's familiar Tizzy the Squirrel fell in love with another familiar, they had no idea her furry pal would gain witch magic.

Apparently, that’s a big no-no for the High Familiar Clowder, the council who rules all familiars. When the Clowder shows up in Paradise Falls to decommission Tizzy and send her to the in-between, Haze defies the stick-in-the-butt jerkfaces by refusing to trade in Tiz for a new familiar.

But the Clowder means business. They strip Hazel of her magic, leaving her no better than a human. Worst of all, she’s lost the mating scent she shared with her bear-beau, the hunky-handsome Ford Baylor. Without it or her witch powers, she can never be a real mate for him.

With only seventy-two hours to find a solution to her familiar and fiancé problems, Hazel and pals must find a way to stop the Clowder, get Hazel witchified again, save Tizzy and her true love, and oh yeah, battle sinister forces intent on glomming as much power as possible.

Yep. Just another day in Paradise Falls.

Witchin' A Ride by Sharon Saracino

I woke up this morning expecting a hangover. What I got was an Eskimo—er, Ekimmu—allegedly dispatched by Baba Yaga to trash my apartment and summon me home. But, with no magic, little money, and a pathetic sense of direction, finding my own way back to Hemlock Hollow could be a bit of a challenge. Does that witch not know me at all?

As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out the stray cat with whom I’ve been cohabitating for the duration of my exile is, in fact, a wolf Shifter under a curse. A curse only I can break. Without magic. And exactly how is that supposed to work? Coincidentally, a Shifter is the reason I’d ended up banished to the mortal world in the first place. Sort of. Let’s just say I think a girl is entitled to end a dry spell—no matter how many decades it lasts—on her own terms.

Stranded at a truck stop, things don’t look promising. Hopefully the stray cat-wolf Shifter whose name is not Doyle is more resourceful than he looks. At least he can read a map. But, something about that Ekimmu smells fishy—actually, everything about her smells fishy. I can’t imagine why the Yaga sent such an unusual messenger. Or why she appears to be following me. An exiled witch, a hexed Shifter, and a vengeful spirit with breath as foul as her intentions…road trip, anyone?

Lucky Magic by Cate Lawley

Sometimes love just needs a little luck!

Jackson committed an unforgivable crime: he offended the supreme witch of all witches. Sentenced to ten years as a mortal - no warlock power, no magical metabolism, and no cash - Jackson can't believe his rotten luck. With no other choice, he gives mortal life a try. And then he meets Livy...

Jackson's the nice guy down the street. He rescues Livy's lost computer files, saves her crashed website, and regularly acts as her very own tech hero. He hasn't a clue she's been keeping secrets. Big secrets. Magical secrets. But then she's forced to grant him three wishes...

When their magical backgrounds collide, will their friendship survive--or become something better?

Witch With An Attitude by Jodi Vaughn

“I’m not a good witch. At least that’s what I’ve been told all my life.”

Ella is a witch on a mission. She has to get to Missouri for a concert and she refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way. But when a wrong turn and a car accident detours her plans, she’s forced to rely on a rabbit shifter named Roger.

Roger can’t help but be drawn to Ella but he also senses there’s something more than meets the eye with this sexy witch. He can’t let her hitch hike to Missouri on her own so he offers to drive her there himself.

Ella doesn’t trust Roger but she decides to use him to get her to her destination. But when a coven of evil witches captures them, her goal of reaching her concert slips further out of her reach.
Backed into a corner, will Ella save herself and get what she wants or will she make the sacrifice and save Roger instead?

A witch, a rabbit, and a whole lot of laughs.

Sh*t My Shifter Says by Michele Bardsley

A missing bear. A heartbroken. A ghost with self-esteem issues. Yep. It's about to get wild in Texas.

The Witch, The Weeds, and The Were by Jordan K. Rose

After twelve years of running from her life, Jackie Tortellani finds herself sent back home by order of Baba Yagadagiveagirlabreak, aka, Cousin Carol. Ordered to help Daniel Ridgeback do Goddess only knows what, Jackie comes face-to-face with the man she hoped never to see again, the man whose mere presence makes her hips wiggle uncontrollably, the very same man she once loved enough to give up all her magic.

Forsaking her magical gifts did not make Jackie more powerful. Oh, contraire. A dozen years of avoiding the stuff makes a witch somewhat incompetent and horticulturally dangerous.

Throw in a guilt-inducing mom, an overly-demonstratively loving dad, two Italian grandmothers, and a set of in-laws who didn’t exactly love her twelve years ago, and you can bet Jackie has no intention of coming home for another twelve years.

Can she possibly survive a weekend with the family?

London Howl by H.M. McQueen

Super hot famous shifter hires a witch as fake girlfriend...what could possibly go wrong...oh right, she’s already obsessed with him.

When a highly recognizable international male model David Wolfe hires Genise Snow to be his fake girlfriend, her daydreams come true. However, the stark reality of his complicated lifestyle is anything but a dream.

David Wolfe seems to have everything, however money and fame don’t mean anything without someone to share it with. After spotting the beauty, David figures the only way to get to know Genise, is to hire her.

International settings, a super hot wolf shifter and off the charts chemistry can make a fake girlfriend’s dreams come true.

Poison in Pink by Saranna DeWylde

A wicked witch turned Peter Johnson into a prick, literally, and now that the curse is broken he's going to get some revenge of his own.

LOLA: A 'Not-Quite' Witchy Love Story by Julia Mills  

The Asscrack Gang and I are about to get busy!

Being single in a world where everything is thorn-covered roses and bags of bloody bones sucks! Heidi’s got Hunter, Bert’s got Luci…hell, even Lucifer’s got Trixie and then there’s me, the sexiest alter ego this side of Purgatory… stuck inside a Hellhound who’s happier than a zombie at the body farm in her new wedded bliss. Sure, Heidi and her Hunkie Hellhound hump like rabbits getting ready for Easter but even that’s gotten boring. I need to get out, see the Underworld, sow my wild oats. I mean, a girl’s gotta get hers while the gettin’s good, am I right?

It’s taken six long months of bitchin’… I mean persuading, but Heidi’s finally agreed to let me have a body of my own. So, it’s back into the Lady Bug Express and off to West Virginia, but this time we’re avoiding the crazy Aunties and heading straight for Asscrack. Zelda, the next Baba Yaga and Almighty Shifter Wanker has agreed to help. She plans to yank me outta Heidi and shove me into a fresh new body before the next full moon. Then it’s bingo bango, Lola’s gonna get her groove on.

It looks like I might even end up with some powers, seems Katie, the chickie whose skin will now be mine, was a witch before she hocused when she should have pocused. I might have to sidestep her sisters and hideout from some vamps but it'll all be worth it. Imagine the possibilities… me with magic. I’m positively giddy at the idea.

The plan is flawless. I mean, come on, what could go wrong?

Show Me the Wicked by Cherie Marks

Carrasandra Reed knows life has dealt her a raw deal. Now, she's in Assjacket, West Virginia to make things right. She's got to find a way to get her hands on an impossible-to-find stone, and the best plan she's got is to fake amnesia until it surfaces. Just one little kink in the con. The gorgeous panther-shifter, Finn Bryant, isn't buying her act one bit. He's on to her, but she'd rather he get on top of her and make all her troubles fade away.

With a little bit of need to go there. With all her skill and con-artistry, she might just be able to pull off the greatest con of her life, free herself from her misery, and give herself a chance at happiness.

Just Like Magic by Virginia Nelson

A cold, a baby, and a talking horse…

Stevie March just wanted to kick back, relax, and maybe dip her toes in someone else’s pool for a while. When she saw the ad on the Witch’s List to pet sit someone’s beloved four-legged friend, she jumped at the chance and hauled ass to West Virginia.

The beastie in question turned out to be far bigger than any canine companion she’d ever seen—something that should be kept in a stable rather than a dog house—but convincing Mr. Not-Ed to stay outside is a task beyond her abilities. Especially once she realizes she’s picked up a nasty cold and starts sneezing spells. Then the baby shows up, but the Shifter Whisperer—the only one who might be able to fix at least some of her problems—is out of town.

What’s a girl to do, saddled with an equine whiner and a bawling thumb sucker?

Only her nightly visits from Aspen, her hunky new neighbor, are keeping her sane. Sure, the horse is nowhere to be found once the sun sets, but that’s probably okay, right?


The Incompetent Witch and the Very Big O by DC Thome

A witch has an orgasm so intense, it comes to life and terrorizes the countryside.

You can find all the other Magic & Mayhem Kindle World books here.



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