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Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ TAMING THE CEO by Hayson Manning

Taming the CEO (Right Man, Wrong Family, #1)
by: Hayson Manning
Series: Right Man, Wrong Family
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2017
Publisher: Entangled ~ Indulgence

Falling for the enemy was never in the plan...

To save her family’s business, fledging CEO Daisy Cater must win the bid on a resort on St. Maarten. There’s a small catch, though. The seller insists all bidders visit the island and experience the singles retreat firsthand. This wouldn’t be so bad…if only rule-maker Daisy weren’t paired with her bitter rival, the hot and broody Alexander Gillard. Keeping her enemy close just became a whole lot harder.

Alexander “Zan” Gillard didn't expect to be partnered with gorgeous Daisy at the idyllic singles retreat. A challenge that has them cuffed together ignites an explosive chemistry, and soon Zan wants more than four days with this bewitching woman who is nothing like he expected her to be.

But their families are at odds and reality awaits them at home, along with a betrayal that threatens to blow their newfound trust apart…

Hi Hayson.  Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews.  How are you?
Hey, you! Thanks so much for having me here today. It is a thrill and a honor. I am well. Waves wildly from Redondo Beach. I hope you well are too.

I am.  I’m missing the California weather and the beach. Sigh.  Let’s talk about your new book.  Taming the CEO is an enemies to lovers story.  What can you tell me about it?
Zan and Daisy’s family rivalry goes back a long time. Think Hadfield and McCoy’s. They are both vying for a resort for their respective hotel chains. Zan to add to his portfolio, Daisy to save her struggling hotel chain. The owner of the resort in St. Maarten insists that any potential buyer must participate in the ‘finding love’ resort. Keep your enemies close right? Daisy is all lists and structure, Zan is all ‘don’t think, just do,’ but as they work together, they aren’t what the other imagined. Sexy times, revenge and betrayal and there’s Virgil the cat, and possibly some naked Twister.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to start giggling.  There’s a cat!!! That could be fun. Naked Twister sounds rather interesting.  Why is Alexander Gillard called “Zan”?
Alexander was named Zan by his younger brother who couldn’t pronounce his full name, and it stuck. He hates being called Alexander, which of course Daisy does.

Of course.  What do you love about Daisy and Zan?
I love that Daisy wouldn’t give into Zan, and Zan was intrigued by a woman who wouldn’t back down from what she wanted. Zan is protective and used to getting everything his way, but has to figure out how to get Daisy to play his way if he can. Winks.

These two are forced to spend four days at a singles retreat together.  What was the turning point in their relationship?
When they left the island. Both want more, but with all the family history will it blow up in their face, or should they just walk away? Dah da dum dum dah.

What’s your favorite part of a romance story to write?  (The beginning, the first meeting, first kiss, getting to know each other, first love scene, big fight, HEA or something else?)
The black all-is-lost moment and how are they ever going to come back. I loved Zan in his dark moment when he realized what he lost, and for Daisy, it was the lowest point of her life, but she had to pull herself up and start a new life without Zan. I loved the emotion in this scene. I love writing emotion, but, hey who doesn’t cry at the Super bowl commercials.

I’ve never thought about loving the all hope is gone scenes.  Those are really important.  Hayson, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me.  Congratulations on the release of Taming the CEO.
Thank you for hosting me here. It has been a pleasure.

Her eyes widened, and she leaned forward, and he fought not to stare at the lace of her white bra. “You mean like a safe word they had in the Fifty books?”

He frowned. “Not my choice of reading material, but yeah, a safe word.”

“Like when she was being spanked…”

Her face flushed. Was she running a scene in her head?

She squirmed and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth.

Jesus. H. Christ.

It turned her on being spanked. His palm on her smooth butt as she moaned underneath him, begging for more. He’d kiss the red palm print… Sweat trailed down his chest, and it wasn’t from the sun.

“Think up a safe word and let me know,” he said harshly.

She blinked. Her face was red, and she sucked back the last of her drink, avoiding his eye.

“Virgil. What’s yours?”

His eyebrows rose. “Your safe word is you yelling another man’s name? No.”

“I won’t be yelling my cat’s name, and I won’t be needing a safe word, so I don’t see the problem.” She leaned forward, hooking him and trying to reel him in.

“What about you? What’s your word?”

“Won’t need one.”


Her gaze roamed over his body, his nipple ring getting some attention, but when it dropped to his shorts, she sucked in a breath, swallowed, and her gaze flew to his. He leaned forward and said in a soft voice, hooking a length of her hair, tightening it around his finger, “Because there’s nothing I won’t try.”

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I love Princess Bride, Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives—the drama is deliciously addictive. Big Bang Theory but will take Wolowitz over Cooper. Star Trek not Star Wars. Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire—any story that shows the little guy making it. I follow the Buffalo Bills like a religion. I am spellbound by showjumping and equestrian eventing.  I love curling up and reading all books—no genre is off-topic. I like ironing, hate peas, love donkeys. I play a killer game of Scrabble, but usually lose. I will often be heading towards the fridge for another Diet Coke. I eat nothing with legs and believe wine goes with everything, oh and I’m an expert at finding new and inventive ways to avoid exercise.

I live in the sparkly beachside suburb of Redondo Beach in California with my fake Gordon Ramsay and two boys who speak in mystifying grunts.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today. I had a blast answering the Q and A.

    Hayson x

    1. You're welcome. Thank you so much for answering my questions!

  2. This sounds like a great read and I love that there's a cat in it. <3 Thanks for sharing this book.

    1. Hi Kristin,

      I always wonder what roll pets play in books. I'm a firm believer that at times they are smarter than we are.

    2. Thanks for stopping by Kristin. I loved Virgil the thief cat. Oh, the things he stole. Hayson x

  3. Enemies to lovers and a cat. Sold. lol


    For What It's Worth

    1. Hi Karen,

      Don't forget the close proximity. Love those stories. Thanks for stopping by.


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