Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review ~ SWEET SURRENDER by Naima Simone

Sweet Surrender
By: Naima Simone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2017
Publisher: Self Published

The price of surrender is passion…

Killing the messenger is frowned upon. Okay, then... What about laying the messenger on the nearest flat surface and making her scream with pleasure?

From the moment Hayden Reynolds approaches Griffin Sutherland in the local, Florida dive bar, all he can think about is fisting her dark curls and stroking those gorgeous curves. But hell would freeze over before she allowed him to touch her because she’s the woman he left behind five years earlier. And now she’s there to deliver a message—an ultimatum—from his estranged father. Blackmail forces Griffin, black sheep of his powerful Texas family, back home to play nice. But the terms of his bargain say nothing about not satisfying his need for the woman he’s never forgotten…never stopped wanting…

Hayden is no longer the naive girl who once fiercely loved a golden Sutherland and believed he and a maid's daughter could live happily ever after. Griffin broke her all those years ago, but she forced herself to pick up the pieces and move on. Now he’s back in Texas, acting the part of the proper, dutiful son. But there’s nothing proper about the detailed—dirty—descriptions of how he wants to touch her…take her… Though her body heats every time he’s near, she refuses to surrender to his special brand of passion. Griffin may have returned home, but he's leaving again. And this time he won't take her heart with him…

Author’s Note: This book was originally included in The Sutherlands anthology, published in 2016. New content has not been added to this erotic contemporary romance novella.

Naima Simone’s Sweet Surrender is a second chance love story.  Five years ago, Griffin Sutherland left a heartbroken Hayden Reynolds in his wake, as he hightailed it out of Houston and away from his controlling, snake in the grass father for Florida and parts unknown.

A summons from his father and a promise to a little girl brings these two back together again, only to discover that sparks and passion still exist and burn hotter than ever.

Griffin Sutherland is my new book boyfriend!  I am now a fangirl of the full beard and the man bun.  Griffin is a dirty dirty talker, with the mad skills to back up his words.  He’s honorable, compassionate, tender, and loyal.  He’s his own self-made man.  Hayden is a survivor.  She’s determined to make something out of her life and is driven to succeed.  Her one kryptonite is Griffin and she’s about to find out that “Love is sacrifice, trust, commitment. Forever.”

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Rating: 4

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  1. Thank you for sharing and spotlighting Sweet Surrender! SO appreciate you!! <3

  2. P.S. - I KNEW I could convert you to the beard-bun hero! LOLOL!!

    1. You just get me into all kinds of trouble!!!

      I'm pretty sure I kept picturing Brock O'Hurn.

  3. Thank you for featuring and reviewing Sweet Surrender!


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