Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Feature Spotlight ~ SUNSET BAY SANCTUARY by Roxanne Snopek

Sunset Bay Sanctuary (Sunset Bay, #1)
by: Roxanne Snopek
Series: Sunset Bay
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction
Releases: November 28, 2017
Publisher: Kensington Books/Zebra Shout

The spectacular scenery and craggy beaches draw tourists to the small Oregon town of Sunset Bay. But Sanctuary Ranch offers a different kind of experience: a refuge for people--and animals--desperate for a new beginning . . .

Haylee Hansen has made a career out of caring for and training the dogs and horses on her aunt's ranch. Part halfway house, part work camp, it also gives troubled kids and adults the tough love they so desperately need. Haylee should know. She was her aunt's first success story. But now her turbulent past is about to show up on her doorstep . . .

After thirteen years running a level one emergency room in Portland, Aiden McCall arrives in Sunset Bay a broken man. Anger and anxiety have nearly taken over his life--and could sabotage his new job at the local hospital. Until someone proposes an unconventional solution: a therapy dog.

Haylee has seen her share of damaged people, but no one like Aiden. As she tries to match him with the perfect dog, he'll help her to see that no one has a perfect life. And that opening yourself up to love is the only way to heal your soul . . .

“Have you heard?” Gayle was saying. “There’s a new doctor in town. I met him today at the department meeting. He comes from Portland with a rock-star reputation. He’s also single, gorgeous and let’s just say, if I wasn’t batting for the other team, I’d be checking him out.”

“Hey,” Olivia protested. “I’ve got feelings, you know.”

“Your feelings are as fragile as a bull moose,” Gayle said with an affectionate smile.

Olivia tilted her head and looked at the ceiling. “True. So tell us more.”

“Maybe we could set him up with Haylee,” Daphne said, her eyes alight.

“Ooh, good idea,” Olivia said. “It’s high time.”

“They’d look good together,” Gayle said. “He’s got dark hair and eyes, almost Mediterranean looking."

Daphne put a hand to her chest and sighed. “With Haylee’s fair coloring and curls-“
“Hello.” Haylee waved her fork at them. “I’m right here.”

“He’s heading up the emergency room,” Gayle continued, ignoring her. “Maybe she’ll get kicked by a steer again.”

“She’s awful clumsy,” Daphne added thoughtfully. “Just yesterday she stumbled bringing in a bagful of groceries. She could have fallen off the porch and broken her arm.”

“I am not clumsy,” Haylee said. No one even looked at her.

“Gideon’s got that new skittish horse,” Olivia said. “Maybe she could help him. That’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“While I appreciate your good wishes,” Haylee broke in, “I’m not in the market for a rock-star boyfriend and have no intention of injuring myself for an introduction.”

“Oh, honey,” Daphne said with a laugh, “you stick to your animals and leave matters of the heart to the experts.”

She lifted a palm and Olivia and Gayle returned air high-fives to her from across the table.

“A lesbian couple and a happily divorced middle-age cook?” Haylee said. “I question your credentials.”

“Evil child. I’m in my prime.” She got to her feet, her smile gone. “Who wants pie?”

Too late Haylee remembered that Daphne referred to herself as a divorcee but was, in fact, happily widowed, the end of her marriage and the end of her husband occurring around the same time, under circumstances that would have felled a lesser woman.

Haylee carried her plate to the sink, and gave the cook a hug. “Sorry, Daffy,” she whispered. Then she straightened and raised her voice. “Dinner was great. I’ll have pie later. Right now, Jewel and I need a walk. Come on, baby-girl.”

The dog lurched to her feet, casting a longing glance at the plate beside her, licked glistening white, as if nothing had ever besmirched the pristine surface.

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