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Feature Spotlight & Giveaway ~ INTERWOVEN by Michelle Montebello

Interwoven (Belle Hamilton Novel, #1)
by: Michelle Montebello
Series: Belle Hamilton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 6, 2017
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Belle Hamilton is a romantic at heart. She's engaged to the love of her life and dreams of marriage, children and a happily ever after. Belle’s world is close to perfect until one afternoon she makes a decision she can't take back.

In the blink of an eye, Belle’s life spirals out of control. She loses everything that is dear to her and is forced to flee to the other side of the world where she meets Andrea, a local bartender from Rome, and develops an unexpected connection with him.

Can they break through the complications of past hurts and a long-distance relationship to make it work or will one terrifying night in Paris end it before it had a chance to begin?

Ben seemed uncomfortable with the idea. ‘I can’t get into it at the moment. I have someone over.’

Both their eyes strayed to the front door as a gentle breeze swirled orange leaves around the porch.

‘You have to talk to me sometime, Ben,’ Belle said.

‘What do you want me to say, Belle?’

‘Maybe you could start with why you did it.’

‘We’re not the same people we were in high school. We were kids back then. And now we’ve changed, we’ve grown apart. Everything’s different.’

‘So you cheat on me?’ She was hurt and it showed on her face.

‘I’m not proud of what I did but I didn’t know how to tell you I’d met someone else. There’s something about Olivia that I find fascinating. She’s not the type of girl who likes to stay home all the time.’

‘I thought you liked to stay home.’

‘It’s okay occasionally. But staying in and staring at the same four walls, eating homemade food, well, it just gets a bit much after a while. Olivia and I have eaten at five different restaurants this week alone. And it’s incredible the number of people she knows.’

‘You’ve been taking her out?’ Belle couldn’t believe it.

He looked sheepish. ‘I like her, Belle. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but I do. She’s done a lot with her life. And her father’s in state politics. He’s promised me a seat on the backbench. He says in government benefits alone I can earn up to double what I’m earning at Richardson & Fields.’

‘You’re a criminal barrister, Ben. It’s what you’ve always wanted to be. You worked so hard to get that job at Richardson & Fields, and you earn a fortune already. Why would you want to earn more?’

‘Because I can always better myself. See, this is what I’m talking about. Olivia’s supportive of my ambitions. I don’t get why you can’t be.’

Belle bit down on her lip. Was he right? Had she been silently mocking him all this time? Had she cast his ambitions aside because she thought them pretentious and silly? She could start to feel the bond that had once attached her so firmly to Ben disintegrate in the breeze, like the fine, silvery threads of a broken web. She was losing him.

‘We want different things now,’ he went on. ‘You want to get married, have children and settle down. I want to go out, meet new people and make money. And I want a woman who will do that with me.’

‘If you had just told me, I would have—’

‘You would have what? Come out with me? Met new people? You hate doing that stuff. Let’s be honest. You have Riley and me in your life. And you’re perfectly happy that way.’

Someone called out from the house, a woman’s voice, startling them both.

‘Ben! How do you use this godawful coffee machine?’ the voice shrieked. ‘It’s like a hundred years old!’

‘I have to go.’ Ben climbed to his feet and threw Belle an apologetic look.

‘So that’s it? What about us? What about the wedding?’

Ben threw his hands into the air. ‘There is no us anymore, Belle. It’s over. It has been for a long time.’

‘Ben, don’t do this.’

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. ‘She’s moving in.’

Belle blinked.

‘Next weekend, Olivia’s moving in.’

‘But you said the terrace was too small. You said all my things wouldn’t fit.’

‘I know what I said. I guess it didn’t feel right with you. It does with Olivia.’

He walked back along the path, up the steps and with one hand on the door handle, he turned to face her. ‘Just go home, Belle.’ He opened the door and disappeared inside.

Belle watched the door close as her heart shattered into a million tiny pieces, right there on the street.

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Michelle Montebello was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two young children. She has always had a passion for reading, writing and the dramatic arts and she spent most of her childhood immersed in books, writing stories and performing in plays.

She has worked full-time in the corporate sector since 1998. It wasn't until she completed a writing course with James Patterson that she was inspired to write and publish her first novel, Interwoven, in 2017.

In addition to her writing, she also has a passion for travel and loves to combine her two favourite things - creative writing and travelling - to create vibrant worlds for her characters to explore.

When this busy mum is not working, chasing little ones or searching under beds for monsters, she can be found reading, writing or plotting her next story.

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