Saturday, September 8, 2018

Guest Post & Giveaway ~ THE TRUTH ABOUT US by Tia Souders

The Truth About Us
by: Tia Souders
Genre: YA Mystery
Release Date: September 7, 2018
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The present is built on the past. But what if your past is a lie?

When 18 yr old Abigail Bridges’ grandmother dies, she leaves behind a mysterious letter asking her to unravel a hidden family secret.

There is only one rule: tell no one.

But meeting strangers in the dark and receiving old journals dating back to the Holocaust isn’t what she bargained for. Neither is a chance encounter with the enigmatic, brown-eyed Kaden Oliver, who makes her want to discard her usually reserved nature.

After a key clue goes missing, Abigail ignores her grandmother’s rule and tells Kade everything. Together, they begin to unravel a terrifying secret. The truth may set others free, but for Abigail, it will tear her family apart.

Now, she must decide between continuing to uncover her families’ lies or burying the past once and for all.

Tia Souders's words of wisdom to her teenage self:

1. Remember how you begged Mom to watch 90210? (I’m talking the original version with Shannon Doherty.) Well, one day, your worst nightmare will be your kids wanting to watch similar shows.

2. Stop worrying about your bra size or how big your boobs are. One day you won’t care. (Plus, your husband will be a butt guy, anyway.)

3. One day, you will look back at those pics of you in your bikini and remember how you thought you looked fat and WISH you looked that good now.

4. Metabolism? What’s a metabolism? Enjoy it while it lasts!

5. Do that summer abroad you’ve dreamed of. Your parents will get over it, and you can live off Ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly. Heck, while your standards are low, you can sleep in a seedy hotel or even your car!

6. Enjoy these carefree years. Soak them in. Because one day, you’ll have a mortgage and fighting children and REAL responsibilities you can’t even begin to imagine.

7. Don’t sweat over what you want to be “when you grow up.” By the time you graduate college, you’ll change your mind and have a completely irrelevant degree.

8. Don’t worry about those friendships that fade. Over the years, some friends will come and go, and then some become like family.

9. Cherish those first kisses and throw in a few more!

10. High school is great. College is better. Living with the independence of being in your twenties and making your own money for the first time is the best. Savor this childless, independent time!

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Tia Souders is the author of young adult novels MORE THAN A NUMBER and BETTER THAN THIS, as well as the women's fiction novel WAITING ON HOPE. When she isn’t writing, she’s likely working with her hubby renovating their century home. She’s a wine-loving, coffeeholic with a sweet tooth and resides on a farm in rural Ohio with her husband and children.

She loves chatting about books and has always wanted to join a book club but her introverted self won't let her. She loves connecting with readers, so reach out!

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  1. Thank you so much fun for having me! I loved writing this post. <3

    1. Thanks for the post. My daughter was into Girl Meets World. Oh and Full House. It's a little strange having her watch shows I use to watch and me knowing the characters.


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