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Interview & Excerpt ~ SIN AND INK by Naima Simone

Sin and Ink (The Sweetest Taboo, #1)
by: Naima Simone
Series: The Sweetest Taboo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2018
Publisher: Entangled Publishing ~ Scorched
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I want my brother’s widow. And there’s going to be hell to pay.

There's sin, and then there's literally going-straight-to-hell sin...

Being in lust with my dead brother's wife pretty much guarantees that one day I'll be the devil's bitch. But Eden Gordon works with me, so it's getting harder and harder to stay away. I promised my family—and him—I would, though.

My days as an MMA champion are behind me. But whenever I see her, with those wicked curves and soft mouth created for dirty deeds, it's a knock-down fight to just maintain my distance. "Hard Knox" becomes more than just the name of my tattoo shop. However, surrendering to the forbidden might be worth losing everything...

Hi Naima. Welcome back to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. How are you?
Hi, Kim! I’m doing awesome! It’s fall, Hallmark’s holiday movies start in two weeks, and oh yes! I have a new release! LOL!

New release and holiday movies!!! (Jazz hands) Sit back. Relax. Well, maybe not get too relaxed. I plan on putting you in the hot seat. Are you ready? 
*cracking knuckles* I’m ready!

Alright. You have a twin sister. Who’s the oldest?
Yep, we’re identical twins, and she’s the oldest by 5 minutes.

Aww. You’re the baby. Who’s the most outgoing of the two of you?
Oh, I would definitely say her. She’s a teacher, so she’s up in front of kids all day if she’s not leading workshops. And she has her teacher friends, and they go out all the time to dinner, the movies or lesson planning sessions. LOL! Me? I’m a hermit, and when I have to leave the house, I’m like, Noooooo! And need to mentally prepare myself to face other people. LOL!

You sound like me. But I’m surprised to hear you say you’re a hermit. Have you two ever switched places?
We did in the third grade! Nina’s (Her name is Nefertari, but we call each other Nina, because we couldn’t pronounce each other’s names when we were kids) teacher pulled me out of my class line and put her in my place. A kid in my class finally snitched and told my teacher that she wasn’t me, because my teacher never noticed. LOL!

I’m surprised you guys only switched places once. Before you became a full-time author what job or jobs did you have?
I worked in the banking industry for a long time as a loan processor, closer than auditor. If I never see a Truth-in-Lending ever again, it’ll be waaay too soon.

Okay. Your heroines are known to be wise-cracking, resilient and strong. Even when they don’t think they are, they are. How much if any of yourself do you put into your heroines?
I think we all inject a little of ourselves into our characters. Even if it’s just being snarky—‘cause my sarcasm game is strong! 😊 I love writing about strong heroines because even though they have issues they need to overcome, they do it. Whether it’s learning to love or accept herself or stepping out on her own to start her own business or going back to school or just standing up for herself. In that respect, I write heroines who I’d love to be when I grow up.

I love your heroines. Online, you appear to be a people person. Are you a people person in the real world, or do you just like to sit back, stay quiet and watch?
I can’t lie… I’m an introvert. Like, one time my pastor called me and said, I’m taking you to lunch because you need to get out of the house. LOL! Yes, that bad. But when I become comfortable around someone or meet someone who gets me laughing, I can become *cough* loud. And extrovert-ish.

I completely understand. How do you come up with your characters’ names?
Well, when I’m not borrowing the names of awesome bloggers/readers 😊, I have this baby name site that’s a favorite. It allows me to research names by origin and meaning, which are very important when it comes to giving my characters names.

Your latest book is called Sin and Ink. Tell me about it.
Sure thing! Sin and Ink is an erotic forbidden romance story and the first book in the Sweetest Taboo series. It’s about ex-MMA-fighter-turned-tattoo-shop-owner Knox Gordon who is in love with his brother’s widow, Eden. He’s been fighting his love and lust for her for years, but now she seems to be returning that attraction. Still, giving in to it would cost both of them everything, including family and their hearts.

Knox doesn’t seem like your typical hero. I’m not getting the a**hole vibe from him. What do you like/love about him?
LOL! Knox isn’t an a-hole. He carries a heavy burden of grief for his brother and feels responsible for his death. Then compound that with his unrequited love for his sister-in-law? Yeah, he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. But with all that, he’s self-sacrificing, always placing others before him and almost everyone looks toward him as the strong one, the caretaker. He’s the epitome of the strong, silent type. But he loves hard and deep, and that makes him loyal.

Knox and Eden embark on a forbidden/taboo relationship. What do you think actually makes these two work?
Even though there’s the taboo nature of their relationship and other issues keeping them apart, they’re both giving, loving, hurting people who need each other. He’s her strength, and she’s his sanctuary. Their love has gone through the gamut—tragedy, rejection, pain, longing, need—and has survived.

You’re known to go to BAM and write. Do the people there know who you are?
LOL! Oh yeah. They just greet me when I come in. The barista already knows my order and has my coffee waiting for me when I come in. We even know each other by name. 😊 They have no problem with me coming in, working and drinking coffee for, literally, hours. They’re my people!

Okay. Let's try this question again. Do the people at BAM know that you're Naima Simone, the bestselling author?
Actually, the folks there know I’m a writer. But I honestly think they believe I’m a writer who wants to be published. I’ve never made a big deal about being multi-published or bestselling. I don’t even think I mentioned the USA Today part. Althoouuugh... When my Harlequin book comes out, I plan to buy one, take it up to checkout and go, “That’s me.” LOLOL!!

I wish I could be there to see that moment.  How do you handle writing the hot scenes in public?
Carefully. *snicker* Which, admittedly, I haven’t always been. I’ve accidentally scrolled over a passage—with all the bad words in it—blowing the font up by a thousand. Or when I’ve been researching, someone might catch “spanking chairs” on the screen. LOL! But usually, when I walk away from my computer, I minimize the screen so there’s just the image of Wonder Woman and Okoye bumping fists. All above board. Heehee!

Lol. Naima, congratulations on the release of Sin and Ink. Thank you for the interview.
Thank YOU, Kim! I always love hanging with you! ♥️

“You can see I’m fine, like I told you at the door. There wasn’t any need for you to come all the way over here.”

“Liar,” I whisper. Knox’s eyes harden into emerald chips, and I shiver. But I still press forward. “You shouldn’t lie to someone who knows you like I do.”

“If you know me so well,” he counters, his voice a low, smooth, almost menacing weapon of beauty that warns me I’m not going to like what’s about to come out of his mouth. “Then you should realize I mean what I say.” He shoves off the wall and stalks a couple of steps closer to me, his gaze narrowed. “You shouldn’t have come over, and you can go.” He doesn’t shout it, doesn’t snap it. But he doesn’t need to; the words have the desired effect. And I almost turn to give him what he wants…

Then I remember that shuttered, cold expression when Katherine blamed him for Connor’s death. I remember the small, involuntary flinch he probably didn’t have time to control.

I remember the flash of glitter-bright pain in his eyes before they, too, darkened and shut out every emotion.

Before I can talk myself out of it, I rush across the short distance separating us and fling myself at him. Wrap my arms around him. Press my cheek to his hard, naked chest. My heart strikes my sternum like a snare drum, and my breath explodes from my lungs. Nerves and fear catch up with me after my mad dash, but make up for lost time, berating me for being so damn impulsive. For setting myself up for his rejection of the comfort I’m trying to jam down his throat.

“Goddamn it, Eden,” he growls, palming my shoulders and pushing against them, trying to detach my spider-monkey grip on him.

I lock my fingers together behind his back. Hold harder. Squeeze tighter.

“You won’t ask for this,” I whisper. “But please take it, Knox. For me. If you’ll only accept it for my sake, then…please.” Emotional blackmail. Dirty and not fair. I don’t care. My conscience has no place here.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass. And I still cling to him. Willing him to take the comfort I’m offering…the comfort I need, too. Finally, just when I’m about to admit he’s not going to concede, his arms close around me. Some of that awful tension melts from his muscles. A groan of relief escapes me, and I burrow my face in his chest.

He doesn’t utter a word—doesn’t make a sound. But his arms… God, his arms are unyielding bands surrounding me, clutching me so tight that breathing becomes a luxury, not a necessity.

I don’t move.

Every sense heightens, is magnified. His heart thuds beneath my ear, a deep, reassuring echo. That rich scent is more concentrated, more enticing… Delicious. His skin, taut and hot, warms me like a living electric blanket. With his wide shoulders braced against the wall, his solid, huge thighs press against mine, supporting my weight, and driving home his strength and power. And his cock…

I shiver.

Oh God. His cock, thick and hard, digs into my lower belly. Knox. Is hard. For me.

An answering arousal is burning so bright and insatiable inside me, I can barely keep still. All I want is to grab his shoulders and hike myself up his body so I can settle his rigid length where I need it most.

It’s wrong. So very wrong. I should drop my arms, disentangle myself, and walk away and through that front door. Yeah, that’s exactly what I should do. Right now…

I brush my lips over his chest.

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Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at age 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love.

She is wife to Superman—or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent—and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

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