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Alaskan Christmas Redemption (Home to Owl Creek, #3)
by: Belle Calhoune
Series: Home to Owl Creek
Genre: Contemporary Christian Christmas Romance
Release Date: October 1, 2020
Publisher: Harlequin ~ Love Inspired
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Some secrets are meant to be shared.

Before he gives his heart…

he’ll have to forgive himself.

Returning to Owl Creek after years away, Braden North’s determined to help his best friend, Piper Miller, save her failing diner. But as they work to revitalize her business, Braden’s convinced he must hide the truth about a tragedy from their past…or risk losing Piper for good. If he can find the courage, might telling her everything make this Christmas a time for healing and forgiveness?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If ever there was a time to have faith, it’s during Christmas.”

Belle Calhoune welcomes readers back to Owl Creek, Alaska with Alaskan Christmas Redemption, the third book in her Home to Owl Creek series. Belle is a new to me author and I had no problem getting into the story. I can say that readers of this series will be happy to catch up on the previous couples.

Alaskan Christmas Redemption pairs best friends since childhood who have secrets that could destroy their families.

Four years ago, Piper Miller lost her father in a tragic snowmobile accident. Her best friend, Braden North was the first person to come across her father and tried to save him. After her father died, Piper took over his restaurant, The Snowy Owl. For six months, Braden supported Piper through her grief, until one day he just up and left without any reason as to why.

After three and a half years of traveling the world and seeking adventures, Braden has returned to Owl Creek. While he’s been gone, some things have changed, but unfortunately some things remain the same. Braden has been avoiding Piper, but when she finally requests that he stops by the diner, he can not come up with an excuse not to. He’s surprised to learn that the diner is in risk of having to close due to finances. He feels horrible for Piper, but he doesn’t think he can be around her. Ultimately, he agrees to help out but knows it will be hard to keep his secret.

Love Inspired is the inspirational romance line of Harlequin. The line is faith-based. In the past, I’ve read a book from this line and had God and religion crammed down my throat. I’m happy to say Belle didn’t do that. There is mention of God and a couple of prayers, but I didn’t find it to be too much. In fact, I thought it was very subtle.

I loved that this was a friends-to-lovers, small-town romance. The romance really sneaks up on you. Piper and Braden have known each other their entire lives, as have their families. I wish there would have been more family time and more Christmas moments. I mean Christmas is in the title. Ultimately, I found Alaskan Christmas Redemption to be about forgiveness, mainly learning to forgive yourself for things out of your control. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

~ Favorite Quotes ~ 

“Real love is color blind.”

“Always trust your instincts.”

“It’s okay to be angry, but don’t stay that way.”

“Sometimes you have to leave a place to become the person you want to be.”

“Where there’s love there is understanding. Compassion. Redemption.”

“Words left unspoken tend to lead to missed opportunities.”

**Author contest win.**

Rating: 4

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  1. These love inspired stories are so adorable.

    1. This was a nice read. I'm definitely excited for the next book in this series. I've already met the hero.


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