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Review ~ TAMING THE HOT-SHOT DOC by Susan Carlisle

Taming the Hot-Shot Doc
by: Susan Carlisle
Genre: Contemporary Medical Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2021
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances
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He’s lost everything…
Dare he risk his heart?

When renowned Chicago surgeon Matt Chapman agreed to testify against a notorious crime family, he lost his family, his fiancée and his career. Now he hopes to start again in an idyllic Mississippi town. But his efforts to keep to himself are threatened by his new boss, Dr. Shay Lunsford, who seems just as alone as he is. Dare Matt get closer to Shay and risk his heart again?

First and foremost, the blurb for Taming the Hot-Shot Doc is completely WRONG. There is no notorious crime family and Matt isn’t testifying against anyone. Matt does find himself having to start over, after doing something he believed was the right thing to do.

Matt Chapman feels like an outsider in his own family. At a young age, his father died and his mother ultimately remarried. Matt’s step-father seems to have a closer bond and love for his kids, Matt’s younger siblings than he does for Matt. Matt has always felt the need to push himself to be the best, with the hope that one day his step-father would love him as well. He has always been taught to do the right thing and stand up for other people. When Matt corrects a senior surgeon in the operating room, he tanks his career when the surgeon with way too much pull blacklists him, forcing him to leave the state in order to continue his medical career. Matt lands another orthopedic surgeon position in Chicago. However, his fiancée refuses to sacrifice her career in Los Angles to follow him and his career to the midwest. With a few months between jobs, Matt answers the call of his college mentor when he asks Matt to help out his niece at her clinic in Lewisville, Mississippi for six weeks.

Delta Medical Clinic is Shay Lunsford’s pride and joy. She has worked tirelessly to get the clinic up and running which serves people who may not be able to get help elsewhere. She’s been burning the candle at both ends so to speak and knows that she needs help and fast. Her uncle suggests one of his former students for a short-term fix.

Shay and Matt get off to a rocky start. However, their awareness and attraction to each other is instant. Taming the Hot-Shot Doc is a slow-burn romance. The story isn’t only about love and finding it, but also about self-discovery, letting go of the past, and being true to yourself. Shay and Matt are similar in that they have allowed past hurts to control their lives. For Shay, it was her deceased husband. I wish there was more of an explanation as to what went on during and after his death. The main details are told, but some small details aren’t and they seem to be important to how Shay's life was affected. The same can be said about Matt and his life. He has this distant relationship with his family, but when we start to get into the past, he just gets accused of contributing to the problem. While he might have, I didn't like the way it was handled. Giving past examples would have been nice for him to slowly come to terms with his actions.

Shay and Matt work really well together, and they push each other to face truths about themselves that they have never really seen or cared to see. This is a medical romance, and I loved that Susan Carlisle put in medical emergencies that showed what the characters were capable of doing. I also loved the grand gesture moment and what resulted after it. I’m going to be honest, I had no idea how Susan was going to give Shay, Matt and readers a happily ever after but she did.

~ Favorite Quotes ~

“You never know how people can surprise you.”

“Knowledge is always a good thing.”

“It’s never too late to try.”

“Everyone makes time for what they want to do.”

“True relationships require attention and honesty between both persons - with themselves and each other.”

“Thanks for loving me even when I’ve not been very loveable.” “What are mothers for?”

“If two people really care for each other there’s always a way to compromise.”

“Nothing worth having is ever easy.”

**Received a copy of the book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.**

Rating: 4

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