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Review ~ BLIND DATE WITH THE SPARE HEIR by Yahrah St. John

Blind Date with the Spare Heir (Locketts of Tuxedo Park, #2)
by: Yahrah St. John
Series: Locketts of Tuxedo Park
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2021
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
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She wants the truth.
He wants her!

PR agent Elyse Harper finally has a way into Atlanta’s powerful Lockett family. Julian Lockett, the second son, is being pressured to settle down—with his mother playing matchmaker! Dating Julian is Elyse’s chance to prove the Locketts swindled her father out of his share of their football dynasty. The easy part of her plan? Playing lovers with the playboy. There’s no need to pretend because Julian’s the sexiest man Elyse has ever met. The hard part? Keeping her mind on her goal once she’s in Julian’s bed…

Blind Date with the Spare Heir is the standalone second book in Yahrah St. John’s Locketts of Tuxedo Park series. I won’t necessarily say I’m a lover of revenge romances. The author has to walk a very fine line between making the reader like the characters involved while showing them doing things to get what they think they truly deserve. One move in the wrong direction by the revenge-seeking character can spell disaster for the story and the desire of the reader to want to read the book. I think Yahrah walked that fine line well.

From reading the first book, Consequences of Passion, I was already a Julian Lockett fan. My heart broke for him in Blind Date with the Spare Heir when he revealed something I already expected, and other thoughts and truths about himself. Julian is the second oldest child of Josiah and Angelique Lockett. Like his father and siblings, he works for the family-owned Atlanta Cougars football team. Julian has always felt like the odd man out in his family. His father seemed to love his older brother Roman because he was the oldest and heir apparent. His younger brother Xavier because he was athletic and a former quarterback for the team. And his younger sister Giana because she was the youngest and the only girl in the family. Julian gravitated more towards his mother, where he was able to embrace his cultural and literary mind. While Julian is a team doctor, his father has little respect for him. With Roman now married and expecting his first child, his mother sets her sights on finding the perfect woman for him to marry. Thinking his mother will eventually tire of none of her selections making it past the initial blind date, Julian agrees to let her find him a suitable partner.

Elyse Harper is a PR wiz. Since she was a young teen, she’s had to take care of herself and her father, after her mother died and her father lost everything to gambling and the bottle. Elyse grew up hearing stories about how the Locketts, namely Josiah stole the Atlanta Cougars from her father. Elyse has worked hard to overcome her past, but seeing her father still be a bitter drunk weighs on her. For a few years now, she has plotted ways to bring Josiah Lockett down and expose him for who he really is. Finally, after years of waiting and researching the whole Lockett family, Elyse finds her way in with Julian. After all, Julian is a playboy of no true substance. It should be easy to play up to his ego, get into the Lockett inner sanctum, and learn some of their dirty little secrets.

At times I had a love/hate relationship with both Elyse and Julian. Julian’s playboy ways definitely played against him and made it easy for Elyse. I loved that Elyse underestimated Julian and got in over her head. These two are playful and passionate. I wasn’t really crazy about the Locketts’s reaction to Elyse’s betrayal. I felt that it was too easy and unrealistic.

Roman, Shantel, Giana, and Mr. and Mrs. Lockett all make appearances in this story. If you read and liked/loved Consequences of Passion, you have to read this story. Trust me, you will be very excited about one scene in particular. I’m looking forward to reading the next book, Holiday Playbook which features Giana as she attempts to secure a lucrative marketing deal, just in time for Christmas. I’m also hoping that the story will finally introduce readers to younger brother Xavier. He definitely has something going on and I can’t wait to see what it is.

~ Favorite Quote ~

“Knowing someone’s past can help you predict their future behavior.”

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it. **

Rating: 4

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Holiday Playbook releases November 30, 2021

Yahrah St. John became a writer at the age of twelve when she wrote her first novella after secretly reading a Harlequin romance. Throughout her teens, she penned a total of twenty novellas. Her love of the craft continued into adulthood. She’s the proud author of thirty-nine books with Arabesque, Kimani Romance and Harlequin Desire as well as her own indie works.

When she’s not at home crafting one of her spicy romances with compelling heroes and feisty heroines with a dash of family drama, she is gourmet cooking or traveling the globe seeking out her next adventure.

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