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Character Interview & Giveaway ~ CHRISTMAS DATA BREACH by K.D. Richards

Christmas Data Breach (West Investigations, #3)
by: K.D. Richards
Series: West Investigations
Genre: African American Romantic Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: September 28, 2021
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
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A mysterious fire is set at Christmas…

Forcing a security expert to reunite with the woman he never forgot

Security specialist Gideon Wright knows Mya Rochon’s cancer research is groundbreaking. But when an arsonist destroys his ex-wife’s lab and puts her at risk, he discovers it’s dangerous, too. With Gideon’s protection, Mya’s determined to finish her project—no matter the risk to her life…or Gideon's heart. But will their rekindled partnership face its most deadly adversary yet?

Hi Mya and Gideon. Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. Before we get started, I need you guys to formally introduce yourselves.
Mya: I’m Mya Rochon and I am the Director of the TriGen Research labs.
Gideon: My name is Gideon Wright and I’m a private investigator at West Investigations.

So...You guys left out that part about being married to each other before. I’m a little bit nosy and at the moment have no filter. So why did you guys break up in the first place?
Mya: Well, we married very young. There was no doubt we loved each other but I don’t know if we knew who we were when we married.
Gideon: We spent a lot of time apart since I was in the military at the time.

How did you guys first meet?
Mya: I saved him from middle school bullies.
Gideon: Hey, hey. I wouldn’t say saved. I was the new kid at school…
Mya: And he was pretty scrawny at the time.
Gideon: I hadn’t hit my growth spurt yet. A couple of the bigger guys were playing keep-away with my backpack and Mya set them straight.
Mya: We were best friends until high school and then we were…more.

How long has it been since you guys saw each other?
Mya: About ten years.
Gideon: Twelve years, five months, and seven days.

Wow, Gideon. You have it down to the exact number of days. What brought you guys back into each other’s lives?
Mya: My lab was attacked and my research was stolen. I knew I needed help if I was to get it back and find out who was targeting me.
Gideon: Mya and I might not be married any longer but I’m always there for her.

I love that, Gideon. I’m primarily a romance reader, so I have to ask… Gideon what three things do you love about Mya?
Gideon: Her brilliance, her kindness, and her strength.

Mya, same question.
Mya: His strength, his loyalty, and his tenacity. He never gives up.

I’m going to assume the events of Christmas Data Breach changed you guys. In what ways did the events change you?
Mya: Well, as you know difficult times can bring people together. I think I realized life is short. I love Gideon and always have and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.
Gideon: What she said.

You guys have me sighing. When did you guys realize that you were falling in love with each other again?
Gideon: I never fell out of love with Mya.
Mya: Oh, that’s so sweet. I don’t want to give too much away but there was a point during the investigation that I just looked at Gideon and knew he’d always be there for me and I felt the same about him.

Through everything, you guys have been through, what has surprised you about each other?
Mya: His ability to change and open up to me more.
Gideon: Her resilience.

One last question. What do you guys think of your creator K.D. and how she handled your story?
Mya: KD is such a fantastic writer. I think she did a fantastic job of telling our love story.

Mya, Gideon, thank you both for taking the time to answer some questions for me.

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K.D. Richards was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs just outside of Washington, D.C. A writer since a young age, after college Kia earned a law degree and worked as an attorney and legal instructor for fifteen years but never stopped writing fiction. She currently splits her time between Toronto and Maryland with her husband and two sons.

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