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Annie Wood, author of JUST A GIRL IN THE WHIRL shares advice she would give her teenage self + Giveaway

Just a Girl in the Whirl
by: Annie Wood
Series: Rose Bend
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: May 11, 2021
Publisher: Speaking Volumes
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A 17 year old girl is overwhelmed with responsibilities trying to keep her messy family together. Everything spins out of control when her addict actor dad who bailed on the family three years ago leaving her with her lovable but bi-polar mom and her two little sisters, comes back into town and wants to reconnect.

Writing poems is her only escape. Just a Girl Whirl in the is about family, forgiveness, and having enough courage to live your own life, your own way.

  • Don’t worry about feeling misunderstood, when you get older you will make true friends who get you and they will feel like family.
  • Complete that book of poems you’re writing.
  • It’s a gift that you love yourself, don’t let anyone take that away from you.
  • Share your writing with others, it’s not “too personal.” It’s your art.
  • Not everyone will love you but it doesn’t matter as long as YOU love you. Keep doing that.
  • Learn Italian because one day you will fall in love with an Italian and he will be your soul mate.
  • Trust your instincts - ALWAYS. If your gut tells you to not be around a person, don’t be around that person. Your gut knows.
  • Learn about money management. Learn how to save and invest.
  • Start meditating and yoga on a regular basis to calm your overactive mind and body.
  • Don’t send that letter to Jules. It will end your friendship.
Love and Good Vibes,
Annie Wood
In the past 747 days I’ve made 747th breakfasts for my family. I barely have to think about what I’m doing anymore, the eggs just poach themselves. Doing the same thing, day in and day out, gives my life the feeling of being stuck in slo-mo. In fact, I’m moving so freakin’ slowly I may as well be standing still. It’s like I managed to step into a vat of cement while everyone around me is coasting along on one of those people movers they have at the airports. Also, my particular vat of cement happens to be on a carousel, going around and around and around. So, sure, there’s movement, only I’m not getting anywhere.

“Damn it.” I bend down to pick up yet another broken glass. My bad. As usual. When my mind wanders, it takes my coordination with it.

“Lauren. Don’t say damn.” my kid sis reprimands.

“You’re right, Sara. Sorry. Finish your scrambled eggs, okay?”


“Ouch.” I cut my pinkie on a sliver of broken glass.

“We’re out of Band-Aids,” Matty informs. “You should get more.”

“Gee, thanks, sis. Don’t bother getting up.”

“I won’t,” she tells me as she continues scarfing down the food I made her.

Yep, this is my brood. Not on purpose, though. I mean, I didn’t plan this brood or birth this brood, it just sort of turned out that they’re now, mostly mine.

My eighteenth birthday is in 99.3105497 days away and then I’ll be free.

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Annie Wood is an Israeli-American, Hollywood native, and a lifelong actress and writer. The web series she created, wrote and stars in, Karma’s a Bitch, was Best of the Web on Virgin America (

Wood was part of the NBC DIVERSITY SHOWCASE with her comedic scene, That’s How They Get You. She’s written 100s of scenes for actors that have been used by Emmy Award-winning TV director, Mary Lou Belli in her UCLA course and casting director, Jeremey Gordon in workshops all around town.

As an author, she has three books out: Dandy Day, Just a Theory: a quantum love adventure and her first YA novel, Just a Girl in the Whirl (Speaking Volumes Publishing)

Annie’s also an Internationally exhibited mixed-media artist, a produced playwright, and was the third female solo dating game show host in the history of television with the nationally syndicated show, BZZZ! that she also co-produced. (Which just re-ran in 2020 on BUZZRTV!)

Annie writes and creates art daily.

She also runs the Twitter account for the Women of the Writers Guild West Follow us here —> @WoWGAW

She is part of the Middle Eastern Committee at WGA and a Dramatist Guild Member and an Authors Guild Member.

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  1. Nice excerpt, I would love to read this.

    1. thank you! if you get the book, please let me know what you think!

  2. I love the beautiful cover and the excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. thanks so much, Christina! i replied to you below but without hitting "reply" so now i'm hitting reply so i make sure you see it! :) :) :)

  3. Thanks so much for having me! I drew the cover. I’m so happy you like it, Christina! Yay books!
    Love & Good Vibes, Annie Wood

  4. Thank you for hosting me! The cover art is my drawing so I’m super glad you like the it, Christina! Yay books! Love & good vibes, Annie

  5. oops! sorry for the double comments! i did it from my phone and it didn't look like it went the first time! well, i guess i'm doubly excited to be here! or triple if you count this comment! :)

  6. I read this book and it's such a great ride. Highly recommend.

  7. Nice to meet you, Annie! Just a Girl in the Whirl sounds like a great read for my granddaughter and I can't wait to share it with her! Thanks for sharing it with me and good luck with your book and the tour! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  8. I like the cover and the excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This sounds like an excellent read.


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