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Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ THE LIGHT THROUGH THE POURING RAIN by James Ruvalcaba

The Light Through the Pouring Rain
by: James Ruvalcaba
Genre: Love & Loss
Release Date: December 2, 2020
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An emotional page turner that gives a first hand look into the lives of a young couple madly in love and eager to start their lives together, only to have it all halted by a cancer diagnosis. With no clear road map on how to navigate their new normal, James and Anabel proceed into uncharted territory, hand-in-hand, with the love of their families and their faith in God to guide them.

Hello James. Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. First of all, I want to extend my condolences on the loss of Anabel. I can’t imagine, don’t want to imagine what you guys went through. I understand writing can be cathartic. Was that your main reason for writing The Light Through the Pouring Rain?
Thank you for the kind words. My main reason to tell the story was to help out others. I wanted readers to understand that they aren't alone and to make the very best of even the worst situations.

You’ve mentioned that everyone handles grief and loss differently. They definitely do. People tend to not know what to say or do. They mean well, but the delivery or action falls flat. For you, what’s something you wished people wouldn’t have said or done?
One time a co-worker of mine told me “My friend’s relative lost his best friend to cancer, so I can relate to your pain”. That stuck with me because it was insensitive and I learned the fact that you never compared people's pain and loss to each other because not every relationship is the same. Grief is an apples to oranges comparison and should never be compared to each other.

Five years is a long time to be with someone. They leave a footprint on your heart that doesn’t go away. You might have talked about this in the book, but what is one of your most cherished memories of Anabel? I know it’s a little hard to pick just one.
I would say going on our trip to Chicago. I was afraid of heights and had never been on a plane before. I was very nervous about the flight and at times even had second thoughts but I pushed on because of the love I had for her. I cannot express the full emotion I feel for overcoming that fear and to enjoy that trip with Anabel. I got to express my love for her that no matter what I would have to go through, I would jump leaps and bounds for her and even conquer my fears to be with her.

It’s been a little over two years since Anabel passed away. In the past two years, what have you learned about yourself?
I learned a lot about myself. It could honestly be a book in itself, but I learned that I could control my thoughts and find peace in any situation. I never let my thoughts conquer my actions and affect my inner peace. I never let my negative thoughts reign supreme and defeat me from moving forward because I know Anabel would want me to become the very best version of myself no matter what.

What do you look forward to in the future?
I look forward to continuing to keep spreading as much awareness as possible about my story and to be able to help out others by just honoring my fiancée Anabel.

James, thank you for answering some questions for me and for sharing your story.

At this time, I was working with special needs kids as an instructional aide. My work schedule was eight thirty a.m. to three p.m., typical school hours. Thanks to my mom, I was able to have some sort of income to take care of Anabel’s needs when she needed something. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Prior to leaving work, I gave her a speech: “Chemo ain’t got shit on you. It chose the wrong person to fuck with.” I felt like I was giving a speech in 300. She was amped, we kissed each other goodbye, and I was off to work. Later on at work, I got a text from my mom sending me a picture of Anabel during chemo, and she was all smiles with a thumbs-up. She looked way happier than anybody in that situation could possibly be, but she felt in her heart that chemo didn’t have shit on her. That was partially my fault for the speech I gave her in the morning, but it was funny to see somebody actually believe the words you say and run with it. I cracked a smile, thinking, This girl.

I arrived home at three thirty. “Bells!”

“Yes, Meez?”

“How did it go?”

“It was a breeze.”

My mom explained the doctor’s orders and the game plan. Eight weeks of chemo, five days a week, which would be re-evaluated as needed until her tumor was small enough to do radiation, then surgery to remove it. We were all excited. The plan has been laid out, and with a plan that has a time frame, you are able to envision the light at the end of the tunnel, because the next day brings you that much closer to back to your normal life. Anabel and I smiled at each other with our eyes tearing up. We must’ve both been imagining our lives going back to normal.

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Hello, I'm James Ruvalcaba. I am the author of “The Light Through the Pouring Rain.”

I am a family man and hold them near and dear to me. I am a down-to-earth person that loves creating conversations.I believe the more we communicate the more we see the beauty of God's previous workings. In pursuit of my God-given mission, I began writing because of a promise I made to my Fiance on her last day. I wanted to honor my fiance's legacy and to be a testimony of God's goodness. I continue to tell stories and hope to achieve telling stories that uplift others, give some perspective on life, and to walk away with a sense of inspiration. If they can take lessons and perspectives given in my words to their own lives then I feel I accomplished what I set out to do.

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