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Author Interview & Giveaway ~ SHIELDING HER SON by K.D. Richards

Shielding Her Son (West Investigations, #4)
by: K.D. Richards
Series: West Investigations
Genre: African American Romantic Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: July 26, 2022
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

She thought she’d escaped her past…

Has it caught up with her?

Erika Powell has lived in hiding for years to protect her son from his wealthy, tyrannical grandfather. Wary of strangers, she’s suspicious of James West, who’s renting a neighboring cabin, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when attempts are made on Erika’s life, James fears he may have endangered her—because the undercover PI’s investigation of Erika may have led someone dangerous right to her.

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Discover more action-packed stories in the West Investigations series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings.

Hi K.D. Welcome back to Read Your Writes Book Reviews. How are you?
I’m great! Thanks for having me back.

You’re welcome. It’s always nice speaking with you. Let’s get going with this interview, shall we? West Investigations the company is a security and private investigations firm. Can you please tell me more about it?
West Security and Investigations was founded by James West Sr. Over the years all of the West brothers have worked in some capacity with or at the firm. It’s a family business. James Sr. started out installing security systems in residential homes then the firm branched out to commercial security. When Ryan and Shawn West, the youngest two West brothers, took over the firm when James retired, they branched out into higher end security for business as well as personal security for private clients.

Shielding Her Son is the fourth book in your West Investigations series. What can you tell me about it? Is it a standalone read?
All of the West Investigations books can be read as standalones. You will see a lot of cross over however. Shielding Her Son features James West, the oldest West brother, who has recently left the military with an injury and is trying to figure out what’s next for him. He’s working for the family firm and has been sent to the small mountain town of Carling Lake to confirm that Erika Powell really is Erika Overholt for a client. Unfortunately, discovering Erika’s real identity brings trouble down on her. James isn’t about to let her or her son, Marcus, get hurt so he throws himself into defending them.

Tell me about Erika Powell and James West.
Both these characters are at a crossroads. James has recently left the military after suffering a career ending injury. Erika is about to open a Bed & Breakfast after spending years on the run but she’s still scared of her past catching up with her.

What brings these two together?
Well, in doing the job the client has paid him to do, James finds that he’s inadvertently put Erika and her son, Marcus, in danger. She’s not too happy with him when she finds out what he’s done but he’s determined to protect her and right his wrong.

What attracts these two to each other?
I think that they are both strong personalities but also vulnerable people who struggle to trust. I think they see themselves reflected in each other and, as in real life, it’s sometimes easier to see what other people need than it is to see what we ourselves need.

What was your favorite part of Shielding Her Son to write?
There’s one particular scene that comes early on in the manuscript but that I wrote really late in the process that I just love. It takes place in a hardware store and is very sexy without the characters ever actually touching each other. I love the tension between James and Erika in it.

Can you please tell me about one of your favorite scenes from the book and why it’s a favorite?
There are many. I think the scene that is my favorite is one where James and Marcus are having breakfast and in that way kids tend to do Marcus just lays it all out there and puts James on the spot.

How do you get into the minds of your bad guys?
It’s not that difficult really. I simply think about what the bad guy wants, which is what I do with all my characters. Then I factor in that they don’t have the same boundaries that those of us acting within societal constructs do so they are willing to break laws, be immoral, hurt people, ect. to get what they want.

Are there going to be more books in this series, and if so, can you give me a little preview of what’s to come?
Yes! I’m thrilled that Harlequin is letting me write more books in this series. Darkwater Disappearance will be out in December. It takes place in Carling Lake and, although the main characters will be different, the West brothers will be around. And I’ll have several more West books publishing in 2023. It’s a big firm so there are lots of West Investigations employees that have stories to tell.

K.D. thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me.
Thank you for inviting me.

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Dark Water Disappearance releases December 27, 2022

Catching the Carling Lake Killer releases March 28, 2023

K.D. Richards was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs just outside of Washington, D.C. A writer since a young age, after college Kia earned a law degree and worked as an attorney and legal instructor for fifteen years but never stopped writing fiction. She currently splits her time between Toronto and Maryland with her husband and two sons.

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