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Book Spotlight & Giveaway ~ LOVE ALL by Liza Malloy

Love All
by: Liza Malloy
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance (Steamy)
Release Date: January 30, 2023
Publisher: Teal Street Publishing

College students Nate and Olivia are a perfect match on the courts—and in the sheets. Everywhere else, they’re polar opposites and sworn enemies. But as the chemistry builds, a figure from Olivia’s past unexpectedly pops back into her life and the couple realizes they have more in common than they thought. Are these star-crossed lovers doomed to repeat their parents’ mistakes, or can they build a life together once the final set is played?

This book is a standalone, steamy, new adult/college, sports romance, 77k words. Tropes include enemies to lovers, he falls first, and billionaire.

Olivia stopped abruptly and I nearly slammed into her chest as she swiveled to face me.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “Last night, you couldn’t have been less interested. And now you’re threatening to stalk me?”

I hadn’t expected that. “Not interested? I am the picture of interested when it comes to you. You just caught me off guard last night. I’m used to this—to you hating me. So when you suddenly seemed to be coming on to me, I just wanted to make sure it was for real and that you weren’t being forced to seduce me by some brilliant terrorist. Despite what you think about all of us guys, consent still matters to most of us.”

Her eyebrows furrowed together as she tried to piece together everything I’d just said. “I don’t hate you.”

“You’ve literally told me you hate me at least a dozen times.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, I don’t. You’re annoying and arrogant and entitled and demanding and self-absorbed and—”

“Olivia,” I interrupted. “You started to tell me that you don’t hate me, but all of these words suggest otherwise.”

That earned me a half smile.

“You frustrate me. But I think I could see us being friends. Except…”

“Except you want to jump my bones every time you see me?”

She scowled.

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Liza Malloy writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She’s a sucker for alpha males, bad boys, dimples, and muscles, and she can’t resist a man in uniform. Liza loves creating worlds where her heroine discovers her own strength and finds her Happily Ever After. When Liza isn’t reading or writing torrid love stories, she’s a practicing attorney. Her other passions include gummy bears, jelly beans, and the occasional marathon. She lives in the Midwest with her four daughters and her own Prince Charming.

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