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Hero Profile & Giveaway ~ TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON by Zoe Forward

Total Eclipse of the Moon (The Crown’s Wolves, #3)
by: Zoe Forward
Series: The Crown’s Wolves
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 21, 2023

If he doesn’t break the curse tying him and his brothers to the Crown of England as paranormal terrorist hunters, they’ll be forced to execute him.

An accidental demon possession erodes Shane Lanzo’s sanity. Sometimes he’s in control. Sometimes not. His only hope is the witch who cast the curse, which is a problem. The last two times he approached her, the feisty enchantress somehow tamed the demon inside him, but rendered him useless against his desire for her.

Madeline Edney sucks at being a witch. Her casting the curse on the lycan brothers was a fluke, and it destroyed her life. She’s been hunted by the Crown ever since to make sure she doesn’t try to undo the curse. She never expected Shane to find her so easily. He’s a temptation that promises zinger chemistry, her absolute weakness. One taste was gratifying. Two was foolish. Three has become an addiction. Lifting the curse requires she forfeit her life, but if the hunters kill her, it leaves Shane at the mercy of the Crown. Either way she dies.

Shane has a choice: freedom for his family, risking Madeline in the process or a chance at happiness with the witch who fated his brothers as prisoners for eternity.

Name: Shane Lanzo

How old are you? That's your first question? You get to interview me, and we start with this? Kind of impertinent. I'm a lot older than you. I was born in 1904.

How would you describe yourself? Using words. But I can do a dance if you prefer. JK. I'm lycan. That doesn't mean I turn into a dog. What it does mean is that humans stare at me. Their sixth sense picks up there's something otherworldly, possibly magical about me, even if they don't want to admit magic exists. When you're taller than most people and look like you work out 24-7, and have an aura of a predator, people can’t help but look. It's annoying and makes it hard to go incognito.

What's your job? Paranormal terrorist hunter. Let's be clear on this as a "job." This wasn't a profession I chose. I was cursed into service to the Crown of England by a witch in order to rid the world of unspeakable evils. They're the kind of evil that leaves messes only the most twisted of horror films has come close to conjuring.

3 likes in no particular order:
1) Conversations that don't include politics
2) Superhero movies
3) Still water

3 dislikes in no particular order:
1) cats (come on...I'm lycan and they're usually witch familiars)
2) demons
3) pants without pockets

Drink of choice: Scotch

Favorite food: Ceviche

Favorite song: Anything that's not pop music.

Choice of transportation: flight

Favorite thing about yourself: I'm exceptionally good at explosives. I inherently understand how they work. Their assembly comes to me without thinking.

Favorite way to spend an evening: Family dinner on full moon nights. Sure, we bicker, we're snarky, and we annoy each other, but we're family.

Favorite book: I've read every exorcism book of worth on the market to try to exorcise my own inner (and very real) demon. None of their strategies worked. What was the most entertaining read during this adventure was Exorcising Your Ex: How to Get Rid of the Demons of Relationships Past. I misread it as a demon exorcism book. It's a funny read, even if I didn't have an ex to exorcise.

Best memory to date: That time I dressed a vampire, while he was trapped in day sleep, only in swim briefs with dancing toucans on the butt. Worth it to see how much he freaked out when he woke up.

Family means to me: Everything

If you could have a do-over, what would you do differently? I wouldn't get captured and then cursed by a freaking witch. I'd steer my brothers clear of being heroic, which got us into that trap.

What’s something you’ve said you would never do, but in fact have done? Fall for a witch. I fell hard for the witch who cursed all of us. Lycans and witches don't mix in general. We were at war for centuries. Magic is forbidden by the ruling Lycan Council. It shouldn't have happened, but it did.

Most romantic gesture (done or received): I offered myself up to die for the woman I love. She didn't see/take it the way I expected. Kind of got super upset at me. I thought it was the grandest gesture possible.

Words to live by: The mantra my brothers and I live by: Fight hard. Fight right. Fight to the end.

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USA Today bestselling author, parent, wife, veterinarian, chocolate lover. Author of spicy paranormal and contemporary romances. Zoe Forward brings readers the perfect combination of action adventure, romance, humor and a bit of magic.

Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers’ Best Award.

You can find her residing in the South with a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids.

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  1. I absolutely loved this book! The interview with Shane is awesome!

    1. Thanks Sandy. Shane and this interview definitely made me more curious about the book.

  2. The cover looks amazing. This sounds like a good book.


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