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Nightingale Way by Emily March


Eternity Springs is a magical place where hearts come to heal---with a little help. As Emily March's beloved series continues, a broken marriage finds new wings to fly.

Dark, brooding Jack Davenport hides his secrets well, never telling his wife about the dangers of his job, never sharing his thoughts or worries. . .never sharing himself. After tragedy strikes, their marriage shatters. Now a threat to Catherine Blackburn's life brings her back into his---and gives them a second chance.

A reporter whose most recent investigation has ignited a national controversy and put her in harm's way, Cat thinks she can handle herself. So when Jack grabs her off the street and sweeps her to his home above Eternity Springs, she's furious.

In the warm sanctuary of the Eternity Springs community, Jack and Cat face the heartache that drove them apart.  But can they find the courage to pick up the pieces of a shattered love?

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Before I give my review of this book, I must make a FULL disclosure. I'm a little biased. I love the entire Eternity Springs series. Nightingale Way is the fifth book in the series, if you aren't counting the Christmas novella.  With that being said, Nightingale Way is a stand alone book.

I've been waiting for Jack to have his time in the spotlight since the first book, Angel's Rest.  In the previous four books, Jack's character has played a supporting role.  Now, finally, we're able to actually find out who Jack really is and what makes him tick.

Nightingale Way takes place about five years after the tragedy occurs.  The Eternity Springs series is known for having wounded characters who need to come to terms with their past.  Nightingale Way is no different.  Unlike the other books, where you are only dealing with one character needing and trying to heal, Nightingale Way offers you two.  Jack and Cat each have their own issues, separate from the issues they have together.  Jack has been scared since childhood and in a sense is still chasing those demons.  Cat experiences what I'm sure millions of girls experience.  She realizes that things aren't truly black and white and the way they seem.

What I love about this series, is its self help aspect.  There are passages where you're given the opportunity to look inward at yourself.  To explore yourself on a much deeper level.  To grow a little.

My favorite quote from the book is:  "It's important not to dwell on the past.  A glance back now and again doesn't hurt anything, but a person needs to look forward.  Life moves forward no matter what, and we miss a lot of living if we spend our time looking over our shoulder."

Nightingale Way is a true fictional romance.  It's one of the reasons I love the series.  The characters all find their true happy ever after.  But what I really loved about this book is that Nightingale Way takes you through a healing and realization journey.

I received this book from the publisher in order to provide a review.  But it must also be noted that this was a book I was looking forward to buying and reading since earlier this year.

Rating:  4

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