Friday, September 7, 2012

Molly O'Keefe's Unexpected Family

Jeremiah Stone: rodeo superstar. Good-time guy. Father of three? That’s one pair of boots Jeremiah never expected to fill. Then his three nephews are orphaned, and his entire life changes. Not only is he now playing parent, he’s also running the family ranch. It’s almost too much for this cowboy.

Until he encounters Lucy Alatore.

He recognizes that look in her eye and knows a steamy fling could make him feel more like himself. But the intense heat between him and Lucy is distracting him from three little boys who need his undivided attention. He’s forced to choose one over the other…unless he can convince Lucy this family isn’t complete without her!

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This is the first book I've ready by Molly O'Keefe, so I didn't know what to expect.

Lucy Alatore is a down and out jewelry designer, who's lost her Los Angeles business because she wanted to make fast money.  Previously, she made a name for herself by making beautiful individually handmade jewelry.  Down on her lucky with no place to go and in need of a much needed break, she and her mother return to their hometown of Wassau, California.

Jeremiah Stone is a former rodeo star.  Not only has this ladies man lost his beloved bull riding career due to a near death experience, he has to take care of his family ranch.  Add to the equation, this confirmed bachelor is now a mother and father to his deceased sister's three young boys.

This story is about love, second chances, and truths that you never knew existed.

Part of me wants to say that the story is slow, but that's not the case.  This isn't your guy meets girl and they fall madly in love and spend the rest of the book doing the dirty deed.  This story builds and pulls at your heartstrings.  You'll wish you could force the characters to get out of their heads and shake them into saying or doing what you know they should do.

While the story is mainly about Lucy and Jeremiah's journey together, you also get another mini love story.  The story of Lucy's mom, Sandra, and Walter, Lucy's father's best friend.

Lucy's sister, Mia, is married to Walter's son, Jack.  Lucy and Mia never really cared for Walter.  Walter is a drunk who lets his wife beat Jack as a child.  Then when Lucy's father, A.J. passed away, Walter allowed his wife to kick A.J.'s family out of their home. 

It's interesting how as kids, we only look at things on the surface.  It is only when we become adults that we allow ourselves to dig deeper into situations and the actual meaning of those situations.

Lucy, Jeremiah, Walter, and the three boys are all lost souls who never realize how much they need each other.  Each help the other to find their way from the darkness and into the light.

This book was given to me by the author, as part of a contest.

Rating:  4

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