Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Magick of Christmas by Susan Mac Nicol

The Magick of Christmas
By Susan Mac Nicol
A young London witch discovers the one magic more powerful than her own: love and desire in the Christmas season.

The description of the book leaves a lot to be desired.  I mean it really doesn’t tell you anything at all.  I see the word “witch” and I bare the cross.  Stories featuring witches aren’t usually stories I read.  But it mentions love and Christmas and it’s only about 30 pages long, so what the heck.

Oh my gosh!!!!  I loved this book.  Yes, it’s short.  And yes, I wish I had more of it to read, but what I got was good.

Susan Mac Nicol is a relatively new author and is definitely new to me.  With that, I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m starting to like NOT knowing what to expect.  I wasn’t prepared for how HOT this book was.  And when I say HOT, I really mean HOT.

Stacey Beaumont is a twenty-five year old woman living in London, she’s also a witch.  Everyday she stops by a coffee shop on her way to work.  Nicholas Connolly is the blue-eyed object of her desire, who is usually at the coffee shop everyday himself.  Stacey finds Nicholas to be VERY attractive, but is afraid to approach him, because he couldn’t possibly be interested in her.  The Magick of Christmas is a tale of what happens when a witch decides to play with fate.  But sometimes, fate doesn’t need any help at all.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Mac Nicol.  The Magick of Christmas is a lunchtime read.  So grab a sandwich and enjoy.

Rating: 4.5 (I really, really liked it!)

Release Date: Available Now
Book Length: 32 pages
Source: Author
Reading Format: Available only in eBook
Author’s Website: Susan Mac Nicol

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