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REVIEW ~ The Reason is You by Sharla Lovelace

In the small town of Bethany, Texas, Dani never fit in. Being different pushed her to the fringes of society, and even leaving town for two decades didn’t stop the talk. Now she’s back, trying to settle in with her daughter and have a normal life. But the men in her life might not make it that simple. First, there’s her old friend Alex. He’s mischievous, sexy, and still hot enough to melt her shoes. And he’s a ghost—a real one, who’s always been there for her when she most needed him. Of course, there are actual men in Bethany, too. Like Jason with his hard body. Dani seems to have a habit of running into him—literally. Now she must decide between a man who long ago touched her heart and a man she can actually touch…

The Reason Is You is the first book I've read by Sharla Lovelace.  I have to admit before I read the book, I heard good things about it.  But hearing those good things didn’t even come close to the book itself.
The Reason Is You, is touching, emotional, romantic and a little intense.  While you aren't going to need a box of tissue nearby while reading this story, you will need to have a few Kleenex around.
I won't say I was immediately drawn into the book but once it had my full attention, I was hooked.  I fell in love with Alex "The Ghost" Stone immediately.  His backstory is heartbreaking and will completely touch your heart.  Dani Shane is so much more than she gives herself credit for.  She's a forty-year-old single mother to sixteen-year-old daughter Riley.  Riley and Dani definitely have their moments in this book, but the relationship is amazing.  Dani met Alex when she was sixteen-years-old and he has been her best friend ever since.
One of my favorite quotes from the book sums up love and is a little bit raw and in your face: "You want some serious advice about love?  That 'love is perfect' drivel from the Bible is only for God.  Not people.  Love is messy, complicated, irritating, gut wrenching, and all about giving up something for someone else.  There are no rainbows and roses.  There's piss on the toilet and razor stubble in the sink."
The Reason Is You is a touching story about friendship, love, and learning that it's okay to be different.  I'm not a person who usually reads a story more than once.  But this is a story I will definitely read again.
Rating: 4.5
Release Date: April 3, 2012/May 7, 2013
Book Length: 320 pages
Source: Author
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Mass Market Paperback

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