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TEMPTED INTO DANGER's Melissa Cutler Takes Over

Talk about author love.... I loved this lady, even before I read her books.  Trust me, you know it’s love, when the author gives you a book, and then you turn around and actually buy the book too.
Today, I’m going to sit back and let the fabulous, amazingly talented, one of the nicest authors I have ever met take over Read Your Writes Book Reviews.  Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Melissa Cutler!  BIG WAVE!!!!!
Oh, wait... I should first introduce her, for those of you who don’t know her.

Melissa Cutler knows she has the best job in the world, dividing her time between her dual passions for writing sexy contemporary romances for Kensington Books and edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense for Harlequin. She was struck at an early age by an unrelenting travel bug and is probably planning her next vacation as you read this. When she's not globetrotting, she's enjoying Southern California's flip-flop wearing weather and wrangling two rambunctious kids.
Okay.... Now, I’m turning things over to Melissa.  Hey Melissa!!!!!

A Commando's First Impression

Melissa Cutler here and I'm thrilled to be on Read Your Writes Book Reviews to talk about my latest action adventure release, TEMPTED INTO DANGER. Thank you for hosting me, Kim! In the book, ICE black ops agent Diego Santero meets his match in math whiz Vanessa Crosby. Diego is one tough, gruff commando, but he doesn't have a way with words…or with the ladies.

Initially, that's not a problem. When he and Vanessa first meet on the page, there's no time to talk. He's too busy saving her life by rescuing her from a bunch of really bad dudes. By the time he gets her safe enough to say anything at all, she's already watched him kill a man and he's already shielded her with his body while a bomb exploded. Finally—finally—he gets her to safety, rips the duct tape from her mouth, they look into each other's eyes, and his first words to her are…

You didn't think I was actually going to tell you right here, did you? Let's just say it took me a lot of thinking and drafting to figure out exactly what this macho alpha warrior should say the first time he spoke to the woman he'd eventually fall in love with.

I've brought an excerpt to share with you, and while it's not from Diego and Vanessa's very first conversation, I think you'll get the feel for the sizzling chemistry these two characters have throughout the story.

Here's a scene to Tempt you:

“You’re not going to cry, are you?”

The ludicrous question jarred Vanessa from her trancelike melancholy. Diego’s brow was furrowed and his lips had stretched into a cringe. He fidgeted with the rifle, his gaze darting anxiously to the car as though he was contemplating escape. Here was a man who’d jumped onto the roof of a moving minivan, shot and killed at least one man and shielded her from an explosion with his body…and yet he was threatened by the possibility of a few tears?

Despite everything she’d been through and her fear of the future, a spark of affection had her biting her cheeks to hide a grin. Apparently there wasn’t much difference between the college football players her dad coached and macho military alphas. Nothing brought them to their knees faster than the threat of genuine emotional expression.

She drilled him with her best offended look and set her hands on her hips. “I might cry. What are you going to do about it?”

He squirmed, then scratched his head. His eyes shifted to the car again, then the jungle beyond. “Look, forget I said that.”

She shouldn’t mess with him, really. This man was the only thing standing between her and certain death at the hands of a whole bunch of bad guys—but she couldn’t help it. She sniffed to draw his gaze back to her, then blinked hard, jarring a tear loose. It started a slow roll over her cheek.

He stared at her, his eyes dark and serious. Then he startled and took off in a fast stride to the car. “Time for us for bolt. The longer we’re on the grid, the more danger you’re in.”

He opened the backseat door for her and jumped into the driver seat. Yep. Her assessment had been right. The man of steel had a soft and gooey center.

Tempted into Danger is in stores now:

Tempted into Danger deets:

When a simple mission to deliver the beautiful and brilliant Vanessa Crosby to a safe house goes horribly wrong, ICE agent Diego Santero’s life gets complicated. Keeping the anti-crime analyst safe from the notorious mercenaries after her program will put everything he’s worked for at risk. Relentlessly hunted and not knowing whom to trust, Diego takes Vanessa on the run, deep into the heart of the deadly Panamanian rainforest. Vanessa reminds herself that she’s just another asset to the ruggedly handsome black ops agent…until their intense situation leads to a release of passion neither expected. But even if they make it out alive, how can they ever have a future together?

Click HERE for my review.  Just so you know, a lot of work went into me NOT telling you everything that happened in the book.
Oh.  Sorry.  Here’s Melissa back.

I'm gifting one commenter with a book from my backlist. SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE came out last year and features a different ICE Agent hero. First impressions are so important. Tell me in the comments about a first impression someone made on you that you'll never forget. (PLEASE be sure to read and pay attention to the Terms & Conditions.)

My thanks to Kim and Read Your Writes Book Reviews for hosting me today. I love hearing from readers and am really easy to find at www.melissacutler.net, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MelissaCutlerBooks ), and Twitter (@m_cutler). And you can always email me at melissa@melissacutler.net or sign up for my newsletter (http://www.melissacutler.net/newsletter/ ) to find out about my latest books and upcoming events.

You're welcome.  Yes, Melissa is one of those COOL authors who talks to her readers.  Honestly, I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked me.  I’ll behave myself, I promise.  Thank you SO much for stopping by today Melissa.  Guys, don’t forget to pick up your copy of TEMPTED INTO DANGER.  Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

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  1. Hi again, Kim! *waving* You are so sweet!

    Thank you for hosting me today. I can't wait to connect with Read Your Writes readers and chat about Diego and first impressions.


    1. Hey Melissa!!!!

      Thank you SOOOOO much for appearing on my blog and for writing Diego's story.

  2. I enjoyed your other series, but I need to start the ICE series. I hope to get started with Seduction Under Fire (I am a little OCD about reading books in order, even if they aren't really necessarily a series), but will get to Diego and Vanessa soon :-)

    1. Hey Tricia,

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm kind of like you are with series. Oh, did you know that Seduction Under Fire wasn't supposed to launch a series. Diego was just persistent and needed his story told?

    2. Kim speaks the truth! Thanks for coming by the blog, Tricia! xxoo

    3. See what happens when you stalk an author! You learn a lot of about the characters. :)

  3. I loved Tempted into Danger so I'm sure Seduction under Fire is great:)

    1. Hey Corinne,

      I totally agree with you. I'm going to have to read SUF soon.

    2. Thank you, Corinne! Seduction Under Fire was my second book and so near and dear to my heart.

  4. Melissa,
    The most memorable first impression made on me was by Hubby. We met 16 years, as a result of a "Love@AOL" personal ad. He was the only man who a) didn't sound like a creep/stalker/ax murderer and b) actually knew where Panama was. Hubby had been stationed there for a "short mission," when he was in the U.S. Army, and he was (is) a smart man, who enjoyed engaging mentally with a woman. He's still keeps me on my toes!

    You have no idea how much I want a copy of "Tempted into Danger," because I'm FROM PANAMA!!! (And grew up with the jungle as my backyard.


    Contact email: mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

    1. I loved that story Michelle.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Hi Michelle,

      What an awesome story! And you're actually from Panama?!? That is so cool. What a fascinating and wonderful place that is. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. My most memorable first impression would be my husband. I was going through a divorce and met him through another friend. I wasn't looking for another man and he had just gotten out of a bad relationship. We had that in common, so we just hit it off as friends. We remained good friends for a long time. He wasn't the type of man I usually went for. I always liked the tall dark and handsome type. Russ was blond and shorter then most men I had ever known. But, as I got to know him better, I found under the bad boy image was a real sweet guy. We dated for 8 years before finally getting married. This October will be 4 years married.

    1. What a terrific story, Janine. Congratulations to you and Russ!

      Thanks for stopping by.


    2. Oh my GOSH!!!! You got a bad boy!!! I love that!!!

    3. Thank you very much! Yep, got my bad boy. :)

  6. I recently realized that I'd never read a romantic suspense novel! I've been looking to remedy that, and think your book sounds perfect. I've seen it pop up everywhere and can't wait to check it out.

    Speaking of first impressions, I met my husband on the street. Like literally walking down the street. I was visiting friends in a different city and luckily for me my friend's boyfriend knew this hot guy. We managed to exchange numbers and date long distance for a year before I moved closer so we could date three more years. August will be 13 years married...and it all started with seeing a handsome man on a sidewalk!

    1. I love that!

      And trust me, you will LOVE TEMPTED INTO DANGER!!! I started reading romantic suspense kicking screaming. I only picked up my first one, because the characters were mentioned in a contemporary romance series and I wanted to know all the relationships.

  7. What an awesome story, Monica! I love that it started with seeing a hot guy walking down the street.

    I would love for TEMPTED INTO DANGER to be your first romantic suspense book. That would ROCK!!! :)

  8. First Impression of my husband that he stayed awake at a party when his friends crashed out on my couch, we stayed up all night talking ;)

    1. I'm sorry... I couldn't help but laugh.. That's something.


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