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Preschool teacher Laura Nichols is celebrating her birthday and sister's bachelorette party in Vegas. Being in Sin City is thrilling and she intends on tapping into her wild side. Laura can't resist the added excitement that comes with saying yes when a hunky man off the street proposes... 

FBI agent David Abruzzo has been working undercover as a thug to bring down the Zacolli crime family, but his cover depends on convincing the mob he came to Vegas for a quickie wedding. If they catch on to his plan, his cover's blown, and he's as good as dead. 

Over the course of 48 hours, David and Laura use rollercoasters, glowing condoms, and exotic male dancers to stay alive and bring the crime family down. But it will take more than Lady Luck, one night of passion, and a little Vegas magic to turn their fake marriage into something real.

Why We Love Law Enforcement Heroes 

From old-west lawmen to modern-day FBI agents, I love law enforcement heroes. I know I'm not alone. Sheriffs, U.S. Marshals, FBI Agents and Police fill the pages of contemporary -- and historical -- romance novels. What is about a man with a badge and a gun that we love so much?

I think part of the appeal is that we know these guys are programmed to protect. He's going to stand his ground in a fight and look out for the heroine. One of the requirements of a job in law enforcement is the willingness to put your life on the line to protect others -- talk about heroic!

While I'll admit that in real life I've seen a few pudgy police types, for the most part, law enforcement agents are fit. They have to be able to chase down suspects, and they undergo physical training. So they're a good model for a romance hero. After all, we like great abs on our fantasy guys, right?

Law enforcement types are usually smart -- at least my law enforcement heroes are. They are trained to consider evidence, to be on the alert for wrong-doing, and to figure out tough cases. They have brawn and brains -- a truly sexy combination in my book.

Another reason I think law enforcement officers make great romantic heroes is that they have a certain bad boy edginess, even while they're operating on the right side of the law. The hero in The Wedding Gamble, David, epitomizes this. He's the edgy outsider, risking his life undercover to go after dangerous crooks. He works alone and thinks his job is too hazardous to risk involving anyone else -- especially an innocent woman. My heroine, Laura, breaks through David's barriers to show him that life can be better with a partner and ally -- and that he is worthy of the love he's denied himself.

So -- strong protective instincts, good looks, intelligence and a hint of danger -- I think that all adds up to the perfect romance hero. What do you think? Do you like law enforcement heroes, or do you have another favorite profession for heroes?

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Cindi Myers worked as a newspaper reporter, travel agent and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time. She's written both historical and contemporary romance, as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles. Cindi thinks writers have the best job in the world. 

She and her husband and their two dogs live in the mountains Southwest of Denver. When she's not caught up in creating new characters and stories, Cindi enjoys reading, quilting, gardening, skiing and hiking. She's also in demand as a speaker, teaching workshops and making presentations to both local and national writing groups.

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  1. I like law enforcement officers and fire fighters, but prefer military heroes. I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed, however. And, if I needed to be in a quickie wedding in Vegas, I'd pick a spicy Italian man!
    I appreciate the opportunity to comment. Great giveaway!
    Thank you,
    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

    1. LOL!!!! Hey.. I love gun carrying heroes. I think the post pretty much summed up why I love them so much.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I am definitely a law enforcement fan! Fire fighters get me going every time;) But I might be persuaded to take on an FBI agent:)


    1. BIG HUGE :).

      I love FBI agents...

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think I'm more into the bad boy with a heart of gold type hero. :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Caroline.

      I think most bad boys have a heart of gold.. You just have to dig deep and get them to show it.

  4. I do like law enforcement heros but I must admit that I also love me some tatted up bad boys also. ;-)


    1. BIG SMILE!!!

      Thanks for stopping by Jaclyn!


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