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REVIEW ~ Deception by Lisa Clark O'Neill

Samantha Martin’s carefully reconstructed life is teetering on the edge of disaster. After surviving an abusive childhood, Sam is only months away from completing her hard-won college degree when she gets devastating news about her brother. Donnie, her protector and best friend, lies in a coma in a Charleston hospital.

Sam struggles with the question of who shot her beloved brother as well as the monumental expenses of his ongoing care, and in desperation seeks ready cash by agreeing to act as the “entertainment” for a local man’s bachelor party – where to her everlasting mortification, she encounters the one man who’d ever meant enough to her to break her heart.
Forensic artist Josh Harding recognizes the butterfly tattoo on the curvaceous hip of the wig-bedecked stripper. After all, he’d spent hours sketching her lovely figure while a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now here she is, eight years later, and it becomes clear that Sam is in trouble. Seemingly unrelated threads weave into a pattern surrounding her and her brother. Exposing criminal enterprise among the upper echelon of local society and the shocking truth behind the city’s most famous murder, the unexpected connections that neither Josh nor Sam saw coming draw them both into a tangled web of love and Deception.


This was the third book in the series and it did not disappoint. The characters were nicely developed and the storyline moved on in a smooth fashion. Although this was the third book in the series, you do not need to be familiar with the first two books to follow along. The main characters in this book were not as prominent in the prior books which is apparently a theme for this author.
This book centers around police sketch artist Joshua “Josh” Harding and his long lost love Samantha “Sam” Martin. Sam’s older brother, Donnie ends up in a coma. His coma sets off a series of events that brings her and Josh back together after eight years. In their attempts to figure out what happen to him, they uncover multiple criminal activities that revolve around several unsolved rape and murder cases not to mention a connection to the mob.
Without giving away details to spoil the suspense, I will just say that I read this book at a record pace. It kept me intrigued and excited to see what happened next. In addition, it offered up enough of a romantic sizzle to satisfy those that love the hot and steamy while still allowing for a thrilling level of suspense and mystery. I would highly recommend this book.

Rating: 5

Release Date: June 1, 2013
Book Length: 512 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Gemini
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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  1. Sounds great! It's always so fun when a book pulls you in like that and has you excited and on edge waiting to see what happens next :)

    1. Gemini LOVES Lisa's writing. You can tell because it's all I hear for a couple of days... But I read her first book, Serendipity, and she's REALLY REALLY good.


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