Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where Their Hearts Collide by Zoe York Cover Reveal.....

I’m REALLY excited to be apart of the cover reveal for WHERE THEIR HEARTS COLLIDE, Book 2 in The Wardham Series by Zoe York.

Today is day 4...Contemporary romance author Zoe York is toying with us this week, releasing her latest Wardham Series cover a puzzle piece at a time, and fitting them all together at her site, Here is the piece she sent me.


Now, an exclusive excerpt from the book, which will be released in October:

She could sense the meddling approaching. She didn't know what form it would take, but it was close. Carrie was the obvious person to address the common concern about the store’s fate. And she would, because their friendship could handle it, and she wouldn't want Karen to be blindsided by anyone else.
So Karen knew it was coming. But she also wanted a coffee and a muffin. Tough choice.
This was what weighed heavy on her mind as she stood in line. She was not counting on the next person to step into the shop behind her to be wearing a uniform.
Oh god. In running gear, he was hot. In jeans and a hoodie, he was cute. His pressed dark blue uniform, complete with a Kevlar vest with POLICE printed on it, turned his lean length into something approaching a superhero’s physique. Tall, broad across the shoulders, narrow at the hips. He even had a black utility belt with...right. He was a cop. So that was a gun on his hip.
In his uniform, Paul was out of this world. Hot and cute didn’t even begin to describe the pure masculinity that rolled off him. His expression was carefully neutral, but he blinked twice when he saw her and that was enough.
She affected him.
It should have felt like vindication, but it didn’t. Instead, the realization left her sad. Hollow. Because it didn’t matter.
She pasted on a polite smile and murmured a generic greeting.
He nodded, but didn't say anything. The line shuffled forward and she turned her back to him, pretending to examine the display of baked goods. Another reason to be grateful. If Carrie wasn't swamped at the counter, she'd have called foul on that action alone. Karen knew the complete line up of Bun's offerings inside and out. There was no need to peer at the muffins like she didn't know that the top row was Morning Glory, Raisin Bran and Oatmeal Banana, or the "breakfast offerings" as Carrie branded them.
His voice, when he used it, was low and right behind her. "What's good?"
She twisted enough to not be rude, but not so far that they'd share eye contact. Eye contact was not in the plan.
"Everything," she whispered. "But you should get the raisin bran."
"Low fat."
"You think I need to watch what I eat?" She could hear the smile in his voice and immediately regretted the plan. She really wanted to turn around. See that she amused him. Raise an eyebrow and point out without saying a word that she knew him. Let him wipe away her annoyance with a smirk and a wink.
She settled for reminding him that she had his number. "I think you think you do."
The bell chimed, and two more people joined the curving line. She shifted forward, but he moved more, and then he was in her personal space. And she could smell him.
Sport body wash and something else. Laundry soap, maybe. She took a deep breath in, trying to be surreptitious.
"Maybe I need to step outside my comfort zone."
She swallowed hard. Yeah, maybe he did, but he wouldn't. With muffins, or her, or anything else.

Intrigued? Zoe has just released a novella to introduce The Wardham Series, which is free at some booksellers. Between Then and Now is currently available at:
The first full-length novel in the series, What Once Was Perfect, is also available:

Places to find Zoe York:

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