Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I love Entangled Bliss ~ By Yours Truly + A Blissfully Sweet Giveaway

If you follow me on the blog, Facebook or Twitter then you know I LOVE Entangled’s Bliss line.  The books are easy to read and are great escapes.  Plus, I LOVE series and pretty much all of the books are a part of a series.  The books are closed door romances, meaning the action is alluded to, but happen in the bedroom and you have to use your imagination.

Recently I have even found the books to be my comfort read.  There was a point in time a couple of months ago where I got super tired of reading books.  I picked up a Bliss book and immediately I started to smile.  The book in question was Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo.
My love of Bliss started in December of last year with Karen Erickson’s Jane’s Gift.  It’s the story of a tortured heroine trying her best to overcome her past and just live day by day the best she can.  The hero in the story is a firefighter who loves his bachelor life and doesn’t want to change it.  But then this woman with three small kids walks into his life and all he wants is them.  Poor Karen started being stalked by me after I read this book.  I am patiently awaiting the next book in the Lone Pine Lake series.
Now... If you were to ask me to name my favorite Bliss book or series I couldn’t do it.  I’ve recently discovered that I have almost all of the line on my Kindle.  If the books haven’t been given to me to read and review by Entangled, then I’ve bought them. (Swinging my head around to make sure my husband isn’t looking.)  While I admit that I haven’t read all of the books, I can say I will!!!!  So look for those reviews in the coming future.
Roxanne Snopek currently has three books out in her Three Rivers Ranch series.  I’ve read all the books.  And I’ve cried.  And no, Roxanne doesn’t care that she makes me cry.  In fact, I think she gets a thrill from it.  But I have to say that Three Rivers Ranch is one of my favorite series.  I love that she mentions the characters from the previous books and you get to catch up on their lives.  Plus, Roxanne has secondary characters that will just make you laugh. I’m a pretty stubborn girl (yeah..I know.  Crazy huh?) and when I have my mind made up that I’m just NOT going to like a character, I tend to stick to that thought.  Darn Roxanne just gets that character to worm their way into my heart.  It’s one of the reasons I love her.
Now, all the books I’ve read have a special meaning to me or something about them that I love.  You have the best friend liking his friend’s little sister and does everything he can to win her over (Kissing the Maid of Honor).  You have the large family getting into the middle of your love life, telling you that you’re an idiot (Tempting Cameron).  You have a guy letting a girl know that she’s better than she thinks she is and that she deserves someone who’s going to make her the center of his world (Real Men Don’t Break Hearts).  Or you have the guy who falls madly in love with a lady and her little girl (Real Men Don’t Quit).  You even get one of the BEST proposals in history! (The Practice Proposal)  This is why it’s so hard for me to pick just one book.
I have no idea what the people behind the scenes at Entangled are doing, but they are DEFINITELY doing something right!!!!  There hasn’t been a book that I’ve read from them that I didn’t enjoy immensely, if not really really liked bordering on loved.  
Here’s a list of the books I’ve read so far.  Feel free to click on the links and see my reviews.  
Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman
Jane’s Gift by Karen Erickson
Tempting Cameron by Karen Erickson
Real Men Don’t Quit by Coleen Kwan
The Practice Proposal by Tracy March
Just for the Summer by Jenna Rutland
Three Rivers Ranch by Roxanne Snopek
His Reluctant Rancher by Roxanne Snopek
Fake Fiance, Real Revenge by Roxanne Snopek
Luck of the Draw by Kelley Vitollo
Bikers and Pearls by Vicki Wilkerson

Check out the full list of Bliss books.

In continuing with the its 1st Anniversary Celebration, Bliss is having a Facebook party on Thursday, August 29th.  Check out Bliss’ Facebook page for more information.
As part of it’s blogger love celebration, Bliss is giving away a cool prize pack of a “Blissfully Sweet Gift Basket” that includes goodies for those with a sweet tooth, ebooks of their first three Bliss releases: Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek, Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo and Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor and a $25 Amazon gift card.  If the winner is from outside the U.S. they will get a $100 Amazon gift card and ebooks of our first three Bliss releases.  Good luck everyone!

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  1. I really love the Bliss line too. They've come up with some great ones. My favorite though is The Practice Proposal. I just adored that one. I got to meet Tracy this summer and she was just delightful. Made me love the book even more :)

    1. I want to meet Tracy!!!!

      Honestly, I can't name a favorite. I like them all for different reasons. I gave The Practice Proposal 4 stars. It should have been 4.5 or higher. I just read the review and I started smiling.

    2. Yup that's how it got a 5 from me. It was like a week later and I was still smiling over them. I finished book two this week and really enjoyed it too :)

  2. I'm reading Fake Fiance, Real Revenge right now and I love it so much!

    1. :) Once you get to who Mitch and Sabrina really and truly are they're great. Mitch is SO much better than he thinks he is. Sabrina NEVER had a chance.

  3. Kim you're such a doll! I haven't met Tracy yet but I can tell you from personal experience that Robin Bielman and Paula Altenburg are delightful too! Join us at the Bliss event tonight and you'll learn why! (This time, I won't be late, I promise.)

    1. Oh my God!!! You commented! I've met Robin. We have a cupcake date, when the place gets built. I would love to meet ALL of you guys!

  4. Maybe one day I'll be convinced to attend the RT convention. Do you go?

    1. I haven't been to RT. I don't know if I'll go next year or not. The rooms are sold out. But I'm like 90% certain that I'll be at RWA.


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