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Jennifer Probst Decadent Publishing Interview & Giveaway

Decadent Publishing is celebrating its 200th Anniversary of its 1Night Stand Book series.
Jennifer Probst has written a couple of books for this series.  Catch Me, Play Me and Dare Me are all books involving the Steele brothers.  Jennifer stops by today to talk about her 1Night Stand books.

Hi Jennifer.  Welcome to Read Your Writes Book Reviews.  I have to be honest with you, when I saw the books I keep thinking WHY do I not know these books.  Then I realized I was hiding under a rock when they came out.  So, please tell me about the 1Night Stand Series.
Haha! I wrote the 1NS series before my novel, The Marriage Bargain, hit the bestseller list so I think it was one of my best kept secrets! A friend of mine wrote one and got me hooked on the series. The set up is simple and fun: the mysterious Madame Eve owns 1 Night Stand--an  exclusive online dating service--and arranges the perfect one night stand for people, who eventually end up forming a relationship at the end of their encounter. The settings are vast and take place all around the world, including the Castillo Hotels and Resorts, a chain of luxury hotels. I love the creativity involved because you can create any type of story around the set up.
I love that set up.  Madame Eve seems to play a role in all three books.  Who is she?
Ah, Madame Eve is a mystery! We don't know much about her except she's French, her only way of contact is through text and email - no phone calls - and she always knows the perfect match, even though the characters don't know it! She never advertises her services and all business is done through referrals of satisfied customers or website. Madame is used as a term of respect - her agency is an exclusive matching service and NOT prostitution or escort.
Tell me about Rick Steele and Tara Denton from CATCH ME.
Ah, my first couple. This was an emotional story for me to write. Tara Denton had been abused by a previous lover. She has scars - both emotional and physical, and arranges her match to finally get over her fear of sex. She wants to be whole again. Enter Rick Steele. He caught his fiancee cheating on him and has been scarred also, but when he meets Tara he senses she is the one for him, and he is focused on ridding her of the past and giving her an opportunity to experience sex in a pleasurable, whole way. Their journey is very touching and real.
What do you love about Sloane Keller and Roman Steele from PLAY ME?
Sloane is a pistol! She's the Queen of Cards - and plays the poker circuit as a champion. She's fierce and has been searching for someone to challenge her in the bedroom. Enter Roman Steele, who is looking for that type of challenge. Their encounter is super hot, and he is the one who finally tames her, in the most pleasurable way possible.
Okay, so it’s been established that I haven’t read the books. (Hangs head in shame.)  But Rafe Steele and Summer Preston (DARE ME) are the couple that grabs me the most.  On the surface they are totally different and not a couple I would think would be together.  What is it about them that makes them work so well?
Summer is the elementary teacher who craves to be the dominant in the bedroom. Rafe Steele's brothers are both Doms, so he's been hiding his secret well--that he craves submission in the bedroom. He figures one night will satisfy his craving, but he never expected Summer to be everything in a woman he's looking for. The big question remains: is he able to admit the truth of his desires or will he let her go?
I’m going to admit, when I read THE MARRIAGE MERGER, I was surprised by the little BDSM involved.  How far does this series go?  Are there whips, chains, handcuffs, a guy begging for mercy?
Yes. Catch Me and Play Me are lighter - I use spanking and binding but Dare Me is all the way. It's definitely more hard core and involved with Rafe's submission, and I loved stretching my limits. I adore romance with BDSM and love writing it into my stories. This was such a wonderful way to really let myself go without any restrictions, and the feedback on this book has been phenomenal - my readers seem to really love it.
I’m going to have to check this series out.  Here’s a hard question for you....Of the three couples, which one is your favorite and why?
I think Sloane and Roman, only because it was the first one I wrote for the series. Sloane is such a badass, and my readers know I do love a sassy heroine! Then Val, my editor, suggested making a series of brothers and I was up and running! I wrote Catch Me afterward as a prequel, and then Rafe's story. Of course, I have two more to write to finish up this series and I'm looking forward to it!
Oh wow!!!! I didn’t know there was going to be.  Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me and introduce me to a new series.  Is there anything else you would like to add?
I suggest readers pick up a 1NS story if they never have and try it, even if it's not mine! They're short, hot, creative, and very easy to get hooked! Thanks so much for having me today to celebrate the big anniversary!!
You’re welcome Jennifer.
Places to find Jennifer Probst:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
You can purchase Jennifer’s 1Night Stand books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Decadent Publishing.
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