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Review ~ THROUGH THE SMOKE by Brenda Novak

A shocking betrayal…
Riches. Power. An ancient heritage of pride. The Earl of Druridge wanted only for an heir. So when he learned that his wife was carrying another man’s child, he was filled with a thirst for vengeance.
But he wasn’t the one who caused Katherine’s death. Or was he? To his horror, he remembers nothing of that dreadful night, when their last shocking confrontation ended in scorching flame and cold blood.
A forbidden love…
Rachel McTavish, the beautiful daughter of a coal miner, knows something about the fire that took Lady Katherine’s life. In secret, the strong-willed girl strikes a bargain with the desperate earl: he must send his physician to help her dying mother or he may go to the scaffold—and the devil. The earl agrees, but Rachel is still unsure that her revelation will be enough to save him when so many wish him dead.
Passionately drawn to the nobleman, despite all the doubt and mystery that shrouds him, Rachel wonders if he can really be a murderer. Or if he is the only man who will ever own her heart…


I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.  It was fast paced and kept me interested from the beginning all the way to the last page.  
The Earl of Druridge is furious after finding out Lady Katherine, his wife, has betrayed him and is pregnant with another man's child.  The Earl of Druridge, whose name is actually Truman, is accused of causing a fire.  Ultimately, he is saved from the fire by his cousin Wythe.  In order to find answers and clear his name, Truman goes to see Rachel McTavish.  Rachel only agrees to help Truman when he promises to help her mother.  Unfortunately, help for Rachel’s mother is too late and Rachel is left taking care of her little brother.  Truman and Rachel have a special connection after the one night they shared.
Through the Smoke is heartbreaking, heartwarming,  and beautiful all at the same time.  The story get's you turning the pages so fast to see what’s going to happen next.  You will be surprised by the events in this book.
In this book, I learned that true happiness is a gift.  Through the Smoke, Truman was able to open his eyes to allow himself to be truly loved.  He loves Rachel with all his heart and he won’t allow anything to come between them.  It’s truly priceless.
Brenda Novak hit this one out of the ballpark.  Through the Smoke is fantastic and I truly enjoyed reading it.  It was my first historical book and I will definitely read more.
Rating: 5
Release Date: October 15, 2013
Book Length: 316 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Mona
Reading format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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