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Review ~ DANGEROUS DESIRE by Annie Seaton

A desperate search…
Schoolteacher Gracie James has never seen more danger than her kindergarten grade classroom, but when she goes searching for her missing sister, she’s thrown into a world of sex, crime...and passion. Following a hot lead, she sneaks onto a stranger’s boat—and gets caught. Their one-sided conversation convinces her of two things. One: the guy is seriously sexy. Two: he knows something about her sister. Oh, yeah. And did she mention he’s sexy?
And a sizzling attraction…
Jake Alexander, former cop, is staking out a yacht brimming with criminal activity, for an insurance company, when a woman, dressed to kill and totally irresistible, stumbles into his dangerous undercover op. If he hadn’t tackled her, she’d have tottered straight onto the questionable yacht in those ridiculous high heels. Then she’d be dead. Or worse. As much as he’d like to kick her off his boat, he can’t risk her going off on some hare-brained scheme—but he can’t keep her around to muck up his job. Oh, yeah. And did he mention she’s distracting as hell?
Lead to dangerous desire…
Unfortunately, she has a keen mind of her own. And a body any man would die for. Jake’s attempt to keep Gracie safe quickly morphs into a reluctant alliance. And a whole lot more... But Gracie finds herself knee deep in more trouble than she bargained for, with secrets revealed and the criminals coming after her. Unless they find a way to trust each other, they’re finished. Oh, yeah. And did they mention they’re in love?


I’m going to be honest here and yes, this is going to sound bad, but I never actually wanted to read Dangerous Desire.  I just simply wanted to do a spotlight post for my blog.  But somehow the publicist and I miscommunicated and I got the book to review.  Thank God for the misunderstanding!  I’ve seen Annie’s name around, but I’ve never read any of her books before.  I can say, I’m looking forward to reading more of her books now.
So going in, I was pretty much like, “okay...let me just read this book and get it over with.” ~ Seriously, yeah, I was like that.  But the book had me from the beginning with, “You okay there, lady?”  I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen.
What would you do in order to find your missing sister? Gracie James will risk her life and her heart to do just that.
Gracie is a Kindergarten school teacher and is naive to the world around her.  When her older sister, Regan, and only family member goes three weeks without being heard from, Gracie sets out on an eleven hundred mile journey to find out what is going on and make sure she is okay.  When the only lead she has dries up, Gracie decides that she has to get on the Midas "party boat" herself and see if her sister is actually on board.  Doing something of this nature is totally out of Gracie's comfort zone, but she will do anything to find her sister.  As a way to calm her nerves and gain some additional courage, Gracie stumbles onto what she thinks is an old deserted boat, the Pretty Lady.  Only the boat isn't deserted.  Lurking in the dark is Jake Alexander.  
For the past three weeks, Jake a former cop turned insurance investigator has been working the nightshift, unseen, taking pictures of who gets on and off the Midas and all of the activity on board; a majority of which is questionable.
Unsure if they can trust each other, Jake and Gracie form an alliance.  Jake's gut is telling him that there is something big going on aboard the boat and somehow Gracie's sister is involved and a willing participant.  Jake makes it his mission to make sure Gracie doesn't get on the boat.  But Gracie is tired of everyone telling her what to do.  She has come a long way and she has to make sure her sister is safe.  Gracie's dogged desire to find the truth puts her life in jeopardy.
I won't say Dangerous Desire had me on the edge of my seat, but I will say it kept me intrigued as to what was actually going on.  Things aren't always as they seem.  Sometimes when someone does something bad, it's actually for a good reason.  At least for me, Dangerous Desire kept me guessing up until the second to last chapter.  The last chapter puts all the pieces together for you nicely.
Bottom line, Dangerous Desire is a test of love, faith, trust and determination.  In the book, you will get a mix of people who let their inhibitions go wild, a hero with the need to protect who loses his heart in the process, and a heroine who starts out being a little weak but turns into a strong and determined woman.
Rating: 4

Release Date: September 23, 2013
Book Length:  245 pages
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled: Ignite
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading format: Available only in eBook

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  1. A heroine who's a kindergarten teacher? I'm on board with that! :)

    1. LOL. Gracie is passive. But her sister is all she has and she's worried about her. Gracie has amazing determination. I'm surprised she didn't start punching people in the end.

    2. Oh, but you Kindergarten teachers have to be tough.

  2. Kindergarten teachers are the best! Have to be tough!


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