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Review ~ A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S WEDDING (A Romance in Four Seasons, #3) by Nancy Warren

It's summertime in the small town of Kaslo, Washington and Erin Nash and Jared Gardiner are getting married. It's only going to be a small wedding, forty guests, and a tiny wedding party: Erin, her step-daughter to be Sadie as the flower girl, Cupid the Border collie as the ring bearer and Jared and his best man. What could possibly go wrong?
Erin might have ideas about her ceremony, but her mother has much bigger plans for her only daughter's wedding. If she can't move the wedding to the Waldorf Astoria in New York she'll do her best to bring a Waldorf type wedding to Kaslo including 150 extra guests.
Suddenly, Erin has a wedding planner she never hired, a husband-to-be acting strange, and she and Sadie are rewriting fairy tales about wicked stepmothers.
You might as well come to the wedding too, everyone else is invited! Bring your sense of humor, a few tissues just in case and sit back and be part of A Midsummer Night's Wedding, the third installment in A Romance in Four Seasons.

Initially, this story had me very irritated.  Not because of the author’s writing style or the premise of the story.  No....My irritation was with Adele Nash, Erin's mother.  Erin and Jared have decided on the location of where they want to get married, as well as having a small wedding with only forty guests.  But that's NOT good enough for Adele... She wants the wedding to be her way.  She's even hired a wedding coordinator without Erin even knowing.  See why I'm irritated?  Erin doesn't put her foot down to have the wedding she and her fiance’ want.  In the end, she ends up conceding to her mother.
This story has a different feel to it than the previous two books in the series.  Unlike the other books where Cupid the dog plays a big role, Cupid is in the background.  There are some small editing issues but not enough to be a put off.
When it comes down to it, A Midsummer Night’s Wedding is all about the love Erin and Jared have for each other and realizing that their love and being together is what really matters.  I’ve really enjoyed the journey these two have been on so far.  I have no idea what to expect in the final book coming out that centers around Thanksgiving but I’m looking forward to it.
Rating: 4
Release Date: September 7, 2013
Book Length: 51 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in only eBook


A Romance in Four Seasons

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