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5 Star Review ~ THE BARGAIN by Christine S. Feldman

Tomboy Shannon Mahoney has always been a lot more comfortable with power tools than high heels or lipstick, and she wishes she could reinvent herself and finally tell her perfect boss, Drew Kingston, she has had a crush on him since high school. But she is just as tongue-tied and awkward around him now as she ever was, and long-familiar patterns are hard things from which to break free…

Ladies’ man Michael is a former bad boy looking for redemption. He is desperate to atone for past mistakes that he made with his family, but younger brother Drew has cut him out of his life and refuses to even speak to him. Which means Michael needs help getting to Drew.
And so he approaches Shannon with a proposition: If she will get Drew to agree to hear him out, Michael will mentor Shannon in how to win his brother’s heart. Suspicious of Michael’s motives, Shannon initially enters into the bargain just to make sure Michael isn’t actually in town to cause trouble for Drew, but the two unlikely allies are surprised to discover they enjoy each other’s company far more than either expected.
Shannon starts to realize that maybe love isn’t about reinventing yourself after all. It’s about finding your perfect match.

Shannon Mahoney has had a crush on Drew Kingston since high school.  Now, Drew is a city councilman and she’s his personal assistant.  The fireworks begin when Drew's older brother Michael comes into the office after a misunderstanding he had with Shannon on the phone.  Oh boy!  The fun has just begun.  Michael wants to speak with his brother.  But he just ends up getting himself thrown out of his the office.
Michael does not take no for an answer.  He sees an in with Shannon, but waits a little until things cool down.  Michael tries again, but things don’t go so well.  Michael finally gets Shannon to consider talking to Drew about his concerns and "the bargain" comes into play.  Shannon will help get Drew to listen to Michael regarding the Kingston Youth Center.  In return, Michael will help Shannon get his brother to notice her.  
While all this is happening, something changes between Shannon and Michael.  Will they act on it or not?  But Michael knows she is pining after another man and he happens to be his brother.  So why is he jealous?
There are some ill feelings between Drew and Michael, but maybe they can work things out.  It's definitely been slow going.  The Bargain is an amazing story about one woman and two stubborn men, a memory, and a legacy to be honored.  In the end, something special will be created for the benefit of many people.
I love Christine Feldman's writing.  She touched my heart and made me laugh.  I truly enjoyed the outcome.
Rating: 5
Release Date: July 22, 2013
Book Length: 168 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Mona
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

The Bargain can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble
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