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Review ~ UNRAVEL ME by Tori St. Claire

Letting go might be the key that unlocks her pleasure…
Attorney Cassie Blaire has spent most of her life living by rules. Rules that keep her life sensible, and on the right path. But five years after losing her husband, Cassie is saying sayonara to “sensible.” And it starts now—with indulging a need she’s long denied.
When he arrives in Colorado, all Brad Steele wants is a scotch before he has to play nice in the first face-to-face meeting with his co-counsel in an ugly divorce case. But instead, he finds her—a lush, inviting stranger whose dark eyes invite him to sin...and thirst turns into a raw, undeniable hunger.
Now Cassie is initiated into a world that has nothing to do with being sensible, and everything to do with sensuality. Under Brad’s guiding touch, she’s receiving an education in desire—one that breaks all of the old rules, and explores tantalizing new ones. And once she learns that her naughty one-nighter is her arrogant co-counsel, all of her objections will be sustained...


Unravel Me is very hot and steamy, but it also has an interesting emotional layer to it that I didn’t expect.  Unravel Me is the story of an unexpected relationship between two people who just so happen to meet under the guise of a one-night stand.  The morning after proves to be much more than either of them is prepared for.
Cassandra “Cassie” Blaire is an independent attorney in Vail, Colorado.  On the night before she is supposed to meet with a high-powered attorney from New York to collaborate on a divorce, she heads to a restaurant for a blind date.  The blind date stands her up.  Instead of going home, she goes to the bar for a drink.  Although her husband died a couple of years ago, she really hasn’t done much dating.  At the bar, she meets a handsome stranger that she believes is only in town for a week.  They decide to pursue a night of wild sex without any strings attached or names exchanged.
When Cassie goes into her office the next morning, she is shocked to find out that Brad Steele, the high powered attorney that she is meeting with, is the sexy stranger that she allowed to dominate her in the bedroom the night before.  Once they get past their embarrassment, they attempt to put the past behind them and focus on the divorce case.  Of course, the sexual tension between them is just too strong so they decide to continue with their fling especially since they are not opposing counsel and they aren’t violating any ethics rules.  Things get complicated as they both start to have more intense feelings for each other.  Brad has to get past his issues concerning his unfaithful father while Cassie has to figure out how to not to lose too much herself.
This was a good book and I would recommend it for a simple and somewhat predictable read.
Rating: 3.5
Release Date: February 24, 2014
Book Length: 243 pages
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled: Brazen
Reviewed by: Gemini
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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