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5 Star Review ~ LOVER UNDERCOVER by Samanthe Beck

He’s undercover. She’s in over her head.
Yoga instructor Kylie Roberts is the good twin. At least she was—until an accident forces Kylie to step into her twin’s sexy stilettos at a posh Hollywood “men’s club." But nothing could've prepared Kylie for the dead body in the club’s parking lot or the ridiculously hot detective who insists the killer is targeting her regulars.
Detective Trevor McCade needs Kylie’s help to draw out the killer. It means long nights undercover and long dances where Kylie’s body tempts him with sensual promises. Dances that leave them both wanting more. But despite Kylie's hidden identity and the danger lurking in the shadows, it’s only a matter of time before Kylie and Trevor take this undercover operation under the covers…


Holy smokes!!!  Those words were the first words that came to my mind as I was reading Lover Undercover.

I met Samanthe Beck last year.  I found her to be super funny and she left me wanting to read her books.  I admit that the book that had me sold was Falling for the Marine, because I heard the opening scene was hilarious.  Since the book is part of a series, I figured I would start at the beginning.

I didn’t even bother to read the book description for Lover Undercover.  I just one clicked it.  I was really surprised.  I had no idea what I was in for.  It’s a Brazen book, so of course I knew there was going to be hot sex.  Samanthe is funny so I expected the book to have funny moments.  What I didn’t expect was the suspense of the book.

Kylie Roberts and her identical twin sister Stacy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in the small town of Two Trout, Tennessee.  Kylie is the good twin who never gets into trouble.  She’s reliable and is the first to think about and take care of others.  Stacy is the naughty twin, whose middle name should be Trouble.  Stacy truly loves her sister, but she never thinks about how her actions affect other people.  Stacy’s dream was to move to Hollywood and make it big as an actress/dancer.  So, Stacy and Kylie packed up Kylie’s car and moved west.

For two years, Stacy has been dancing at Deuce’s and manages to take care of her and her sister.  Unfortunately, one of Stacy’s clients gets a little out of hand, resulting in Stacy’s leg being broken.  If Stacy doesn’t perform she will lose her job and the Roberts sisters will be forced to return to Two Trout with their tails between their legs.  Stacy convinces Kylie to spend the next six weeks pretending to be her.

On Kylie’s first night of dancing at Deuce’s, not only does she have to overcome her fear of dancing provocatively half naked, but she becomes mesmerized by a tall striking man in the audience.  The man seems to be able to see right through to her soul.  When the night is over, Kylie makes a gruesome discovery.

The tall and striking man turns out to be LA Police Detective Trevor McCade. When all clues point to Stacy’s clients being targeted, Trevor and Kylie (pretending to be Stacy) must work together to catch the killer before they strike again.  Trevor and Kylie start playing with fire when her lap dances turn Trevor into a hormone driven teenage boy.

I found myself dreaming about the suspense part of the book.  I couldn’t wait to figure out who was killing Stacy’s clients and why.  But don’t get me wrong...Trevor McCade is cocky, charming, hot and seriously just makes me smile.  I loved watching him chase after the woman he falls in love with, and without any question, that woman is Kylie.  Trevor will risk his life and move Heaven and Earth to keep Kylie safe and alive.

While reading this book, I found myself looking to see if there were books on Stacy and Trevor’s equally hot partner Ian Ford.  There is!!!!  You KNOW a book is good, when you’re immediately looking for more books.  I am so loving Samanthe Beck!

Rating: 5

Release Date: April 22, 2013
Book Length: 293 pages
Source: Personal Purchase
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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A McCade Brothers Novel Series:

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  1. Kim, I am SO LOVING YOU back! Thanks for checking out Lover Undercover!! (And thanks for the amazeballs review)!!!

    1. You're welcome. I love this series!!!! You have a way with characters.


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