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New Release Review ~ MAKE YOU MINE by Macy Beckett

For ninety-nine years, every man in the Dumont family has remained a perpetual bachelor. Residents of Cedar Bayou, Louisiana, whisper about a voodoo hex cast upon the family, sabotaging each man’s chance at marriage. In truth, the Dumont men have their own player personalities to blame, and Marc is no exception. As captain of his family’s riverboat, he’s broken hearts up and down the Mississippi. That is, until his high school crush strolls onboard...

Allie Mauvais rocks the boat when she fills in as pastry chef. She hasn’t seen Marc since senior year, when rumors flew that her great-great-grandmother was the one who cursed the Dumonts. After two weeks on the water, neither can deny the attraction that still burns between them. But to truly reach Marc’s heart, Allie must show him that the hex isn’t real, and it’ll take more than her mouthwatering sweets to prove it. Will Allie’s love be enough to finally make Marc hers?


Macy Beckett is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors.  I discovered her a couple of years ago and I love reading her books because I know I’m going to laugh.  Make You Mine definitely has its laughable moments, but it also gives you heartfelt, tender moments.

In Cedar Bayou, Louisiana the Mauvais’ are known to be into voodoo.  So much so that it is believed that Juliette Mauvais put a hex on the Dumont men over 100 years ago; cursing them to never find love.  You have people going into Allie’s (Juliette’s great-great granddaughter) bakery, The Sweet Spot, looking for bones to be read, telling them who the love of their life is.  In actuality, Allie doesn’t really read bones.  She just pays attention to people and the way they act to give them a little guidance.

Marc Gerard Dumont and Allie Catrine Mauvais are star-crossed lovers who have known each other for years and were in fact high school crushes.  During high school, Marc wanted nothing more than to be with Allie.  That all changed the night of junior prom when Marc kissed Allie and then awoke the next morning to issues with his lower half.  Marc was sure it was a result of the Mauvais curse.  Since that day, Marc has went out of his way to avoid Allie, including crossing to the other side of the street.

For Marc, the second oldest of the Dumont men, things could not be going better.  He is about to embark on a two week riverboat cruise as Captain of the Belle, the riverboat that has been in his family for decades.  Unfortunately, lady luck is not loving Marc.  After his brief hello encounter with Allie, things are going down hill fast.  Several problems spring up relating to the Belle, the worst being the pastry chef coming down with German Measles.  

To Marc’s surprise and the dislike of his Grandpa, Allie shows up to fill in. Things start to run smoothly again, but when there is a Mauvais around, things are bound to happen (and not in a good way).  Over the course of the next two weeks, Allie and Marc get to know each other better.  Allie who has always been in love with Marc just has her feelings solidified.  Marc also starts to have feeling for Allie, but subconsciously the Dumont curse keeps holding him back.

What would you do for love?  Marc and Allie are going to push the envelope and go further and do things they never dreamed they would do.  Sometimes you just have to have the purest of faith that things are going to work out.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a spirit from the great beyond looking down on you.

I really enjoyed reading Make You Mine.  It's always a good sign when you have secondary characters you want to get to know better.  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the Dumont Bachelors Series.

Rating: 5

Release Date: May 6, 2014
Book Length: 352 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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