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Return to New York Times bestselling author Rachel Lee's Conard County, where a killer lies in wait

The note wasn't a threat, exactly. But for Corey Donahue, who'd witnessed her mother's murder as a child, it felt very menacing. Surprisingly, the one person she trusted to show the note to was a man merely renting a room from her—Austin Mendez. Traumatized since childhood, Corey had never trusted men…until Austin moved in.

Six years undercover had caused Austin to shut everyone out…until Corey. The vulnerability she hid from others made him yearn to break down the walls she'd erected around her heart. And with a killer closing in, two lost souls were discovering the trust they'd lost—and much more—in each other's arms.


Defending the Eyewitness is a failed attempt at a Romantic Suspense.  It follows the budding relationship between Austin and Corey.  Austin is a DEA agent fresh off of a six year undercover operation in Mexico.  Corey is a twenty-five-year-old woman that owns a crafts shop.  Austin needs a place to decompress back in the U.S. so he rents a room from Corey.  Corey is the sole witness to her mother’s murder 18 years ago and she has no memory of it.  All she knows is that she is afraid of most men because of it.

Under most circumstances, I am not usually that critical of the categorization of a book.  In this instance, I can’t understand how this is supposed to be a Romantic Suspense.  There is plenty of romance but the suspense falls short. Someone begins to send cryptic messages to Corey right around the time Austin arrives but the evolution of the story doesn’t really create much suspense.  It’s true that you don’t actually know who the person is, but there is so much that goes on regarding the romance involving Austin and Corey that I never felt on the edge of my seating waiting to find out who the villain was.  It didn’t take long to understand his motives but I wasn’t dying to be introduced to him and when we were finally introduced, I still knew nothing about him.

On the other hand, the romance between Austin and Corey seemed genuine. Corey spends a lot of time trying to evaluate herself and break out of her shell. Austin is a good guy and he was clearly everything that Corey needed.  They each had their own issues but were able to complement each other fairly well. Plus, there was plenty of heat in the bedroom.  Had this just been a romance, it would have been better received.  Defending the Eyewitness was at least an easy story to follow.

Rating: 3

Release Date:  April 1, 2014
Book Length:  288 pages
Source:  Publisher via NetGalley
Reviewed by:  Gemini
Reading Format:  Available in eBook and Paperback

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