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BAD GIRLS DON'T MARRY MARINES by Codi Gary ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Bad girls finally have their day in Codi Gary newest sexy, fun contemporary romance from the town of Rock Canyon.

The bad girl who stole his heart…

Valerie Willis has done it all: tattoos, one-night stands, even strip-poker. And now, she can add getting a messy public divorce to that list. Back in her hometown of Rock Canyon, Val just wants to bury her head and wait for the scandal to pass. But when she suddenly finds herself at a single’s weekend face-to-face with former flame Justin Silverton, hiding from her heart - and the sexy Marine - won’t be that simple.

Is just too good to let go…

It’s been ten years since Justin kissed Val, but he still remembers the way they just seemed to…fit. Since then he’s served his country and helped his father keep their ranch intact, but he never forgot Val or her wild ways. So when a twist of fate brings him the chance to chase her across state lines and spend a weekend winning her heart, Justin’s all in. Because when he sees something he wants, he fights for it. And he’s ready to fight for the right to call this bad girl his one and only.

As they walked away, he felt a definite pinch on his left butt cheek and looked over his shoulder. Dorothy threw him a wink before breaking into cackling laughter.

“Lecherous old woman.”

“What happened?” Val asked, laughter in her voice.

“She has this habit of getting real handsy with my butt,” Justin said, walking her to her Chevy.

“Oh, I completely understand.”

He glanced over at her in surprise. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Your ass is one of the best parts of you.”

He held the door of her truck open as she climbed in. “I thought girls checking out guys’ asses was just an old wives’ tale.”

“Oh no. There’s nothing better on a man than a nice ass in a pair of blue jeans,” she said, turning in her seat and pulling him between her legs.

He let her do it, although he kept his tone one of shock. “I believe I feel objectified.”

“Guess I shouldn’t do this then, huh?” She slid down her hands, grabbing his rear and pulling him into her.

He put one hand on the back of her headrest and the other palm flat on her seat, inches away from her thigh, as he ducked his head into the truck. “Maybe I’m just mildly offended.”

She actually squeezed his cheeks, brushing her mouth along his neck. “How ’bout now?”

“Well, now, I think I’m okay.”

Suddenly she dropped her hands from him and gave him a quick kiss. “Good.”

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An obsessive bookworm, Codi Gary likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she's not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.

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As part of the Bad Girls Don’t Marry Marines Blog Tour, Codi and Avon are giving away a digital set of THINGS GOOD GIRLS DON’T DO & GOOD GIRLS DON’T DATE ROCK STARS, Books One and Two of the Rock Canyon Series. You can follow the tour here.

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