Monday, June 16, 2014

Blurb Blitz & Giveaway ~ LOVED UP by Scarlett Scott

Book one in the Coastal Heat series.
When she accidentally runs into the back of a gorgeous stranger’s truck at a stoplight, the last thing on Kassie’s mind is indulging in her deepest, hottest fantasies with him. Until he shows up on her doorstep as the contractor she’d hoped to hire to remodel her home and things get interesting…fast.
With a sexy drawl, skilled hands and a body that makes her panties all but melt, Jax is exactly the kind of man she shouldn’t get involved with after breaking off her engagement and starting over in another state. But she’s helpless to resist the powerful desire he makes her feel, and before long she’s letting him have his wicked way with her all over town.
Jax knows falling for a woman like Kassie’s a bad idea. He’s experienced enough heartbreak to see the signs. He can tell she’s ready to run, but when she’s in his arms, he’ll do everything he can to make her stay.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

She got out of her car and realized she was still wearing her pajama bottoms and an old concert t-shirt. Nothing said I’m an adult like puppy-patterned fleece and Matchbox Twenty. Dear God. She ran a hand through her sleep-mussed brown hair and hoped she didn’t look like a complete mess, futile as that was.
Model Man stopped less than a foot away. He was almost scowling at her as his gaze went from his cracked bumper, to her, then back to his bumper again.
“I’m really sorry for hitting your car,” she said, feeling like the awkward girl in school facing the class jock.
“Truck,” he growled.
Huh? He really was taking this alpha man thing to new levels. Not exactly a conversationalist. She blinked. “Excuse me?”
“I don’t drive a car,” he elaborated, his gaze intense and discomfiting on hers. “I drive a truck.”
Really? He was quibbling over her word choice at a time like this? She inwardly downgraded his sex appeal by a few points. But fine, she could play his game. After all, she was the one in the wrong, the one who was severely lacking in the multitasking department.
“I’m sorry,” she repeated. “I didn’t mean to hit your truck. I don’t know what I was thinking.”
He ran a hand through his hair again. “That makes two of us.”
She swallowed a retort. “It was an accident. My fault. Look, let’s just exchange insurance info and move on with our days.”
He nodded. “Good plan. I’ve got to be somewhere.”
Oh good. They had reached a common ground. She tried not to frown at him, because he was as beautiful as he was grumpy. Did he really think she’d ruined her only vehicle on purpose? Or his for that matter? “Me too.”
“I’ll grab mine and we’ll swap. No need to call the cops. I’m already late.” He turned on his boot heel and gave her another excellent view of his tight bum.

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Award-winning author Scarlett Scott writes contemporary and historical romance with heat, heart and happily ever afters. After growing up on romance novels, she now crafts love stories of her own with a good dose of sizzle and an equal amount of humor. She lives in the Pennsylvania countryside with her Canadian husband and is a proud mom to their adorable but occasionally evil dog with a penchant for eating everything he shouldn't.
For Scarlett's latest releases, exclusive excerpts, contests and more, visit her website.

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