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Review ~ DON'T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE by Tiffany Allee

What’s a little blackmail between consenting adults? 

Rachel Davis will do anything to get her sister out of a bad relationship with her fiancé. Even if it involves a few fibs, a little breaking-and-entering, and blackmailing the fiancé's potential boss, Charles, for his help. So what if the handsome Charles happens to be a vampire? 

Charles Wright has found the perfect way to trap the man threatening his brother's wife: cozy up to him, get invited along on the skiing trip, and then search for incriminating evidence. How much better that audacious but gorgeous Rachel is just as eager to nail the bastard. As far as he's concerned, there's nothing wrong with a little blackmail between two consenting adults. Especially when it's time for Rachel to pay up.


Last year, I was told I HAD to read Tiffany Allee’s Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid.  I thought, “Okay.  Fine.”  I really liked the book and immediately started asking when the next book was coming out.  Finally after months of waiting, Don’t Blackmail the Vampire is here.  Part me of wants to say the books are standalones, but Don’t Blackmail the Vampire contains some spoilers.  If you haven’t read Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid and plan to, I suggest you read it first.
Charles Wright is the youngest of his “vampire father” Kane’s “sons”.  His family pretty much views him as a playboy who doesn’t take anything seriously. Charles’ soon to be sister-in-law, Alice, is receiving threatening calls and emails, warning her to stay away from her vampire fiancé, Noah. Charles volunteers to go undercover to get evidence that Alice’s former fiancé Brent is behind the threats.  What better way to prove to his brothers and father that he can be responsible?  Charles is prepared to make nice to a man he despises.  He just isn’t prepared for Rachel Davis to walk into his life and turn it on its axis.
Rachel regrettably is on a ski trip with her sister, Kristen, Kristen’s fiancé, Brent, and one of Brent’s friends.  Rachel is ready to use this trip to finally convince her sister that Brent is not good for her.  The question is, how does she do it, since her past attempts have fallen on deaf ears.
Rachel stumbles upon Charles getting nourishment from a human and decides to use the fact that he is a vampire to her advantage.  Rachel is going to blackmail Charles to help her break up Kristen and Brent.  What could possibly go wrong?
Rachel and Charles fight an attraction neither saw coming.  Because of Rachel’s past, she has trust issues and Charles is going to have to figure out how to get around the wall she has built up.  Maybe just maybe with the two of them working together, they will both get what they have each come to Colorado looking for.
Charles and Rachel are so much fun together.  Their interactions will leave you laughing and hoping for them to get together.  Be prepared for some hot steamy moments that even a hundred-year-old vampire has never encountered.  Don’t Blackmail the Vampire does NOT disappoint.  And yes, I have already asked about the next book in the series.
Rating: 4

Release Date: April 28, 2014
Book Length: 200 pages
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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