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Review ~ CHRISTMAS IN TAHOE by Elisabeth Barrett

Christmas in Tahoe (West Coast Holiday, #1)
by: Elisabeth Barrett
Series: West Coast Holiday
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Source: Personal Purchase

Silicon Valley actuary Ann Smith is an expert at calculating probabilities, but lately the odds haven’t been in her favor. Two years ago her fiancĂ© died a week before their planned Christmas wedding, leaving Ann heartbroken and alone. When a friend suggests heading up to Lake Tahoe for a long Christmas weekend of skiing, wine, and relaxation, Ann thinks it might be just the thing to help get her life back on track. But Ann’s plans go awry when her friend cancels at the last minute, and Ann ends up driving to Tahoe with Chase Deckert, a sexy snowboarder who pushes all her buttons.

Chase Deckert is a man who lives by his own rules. A few years ago his business partner betrayed him by selling out their biomedical research for a quick profit. Chase left science far behind, and now spends his days snowboarding in Tahoe, wanting nothing to do with the dog-eat-dog world of Silicon Valley. Chase has closed his mind and his heart and only believes in one thing: fate. But fate seems to be in a giving mood, because joining him for Christmas is a brave, beautiful woman who shows him the true meaning of the season and helps him rediscover a part of himself he’d long forgotten.

Fueled by the mountain scenery, the season, and their unbelievable chemistry, Ann and Chase end up learning more about each other—and themselves—than they ever imagined possible. Can one long, steamy Christmas help them realize they’re meant to be together? Or when the holiday is over will they be right back where they started?

Christmas in Tahoe was a wonderful read.  Honestly, the blurb for the book gives a very good summary for the book.  Ann Smith and Chase Deckert are two people who have each lost their way in life.

Ann was supposed to get married to “the love of her life” on Christmas Day, two years previously.  But he died a few days before.  Every since then, she has just been moving through life and not living it.  Chase is a man of science.  He was once a world renowned scientist, specializing in discovering a cure for malaria.  Unfortunately, he put his trust in the wrong people.  Now, he has turned his back on science and the Silicon Valley itself.

Ann and Chase are brought together when Ann’s best friend bails on her and asks Chase to take Ann to Tahoe.  The idea is that the friend will join them after she finishes up some research.  When that doesn’t happen, Ann and Chase spend a magical time together getting to know each other and to their surprise, falling in love.

Ann’s career and life is in the Silicon Valley.  Chase hates the area and the games the companies there play.  Once their Christmas vacation is up, the two have to figure out what they are willing to sacrifice for love.  

**Personal Purchase**

Rating: 4

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to reading this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out, Jonetta. I bought the book over a year ago, I FINALLY read it during the Christmas holiday. I love Elisabeth's writing.

  2. I enjoyed this book very much.

    1. That's good. I'm looking forward to reading the New Year's book. I was sick, so I didn't get to read it during the holidays. :(


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