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Review ~ THE 12 DATES OF CHRISTMAS by Nancy Warren

The 12 Dates of Christmas
by: Nancy Warren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 4, 2012
Source: Personal Purchase

If Lucy Daniels doesn’t get a date for her over-achieving family’s Christmas dinner then her awful cousin Trevor has threatened to fix her up with his friend. A blind date for her own family’s Christmas dinner? As if! In desperation, she tells her mother she already has a date for the big family dinner. With six weeks to go, she figures she can squeeze in 12 dates to find the perfect man to impress her snobby family. Lucy learns a lot in 12 dates. About herself, her family, about love.

Enjoy the ride with Lucy as she counts down her 12 Dates of Christmas to the biggest surprise of her life.

No one does sweet, light Christmas romances like Nancy Warren.  The 12 Dates of Christmas was a fun and often hilarious read.  Lucy Daniels is the black sheep in her overachieving family of doctors, lawyers, and financiers.  At the age of 32, she’s never been married and often has to rely on her mother to help her out when her online health magazine job doesn’t pay enough to cover the bills.

Every year, her mother’s family gets together for Christmas dinner.  When her mother mentions that cousin Trevor has a friend he can set her up with, Lucy tells her that she has her own date.  The only problem is, Lucy is hopelessly single.  With six weeks to go until Christmas, Lucy sets out to find the right person for her family by going on 12 dates.

In the midst of a doctor who forgets about her, an anesthetist who’s still hung up on his ex, a seemingly non-ambitious slacker, and a Frenchman who smells like Pepe le Pew, Lucy finds just what’s she’s always wanted.

**Personal Purchase**

Rating: 5

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