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Review ~ ZERO DAY EXPLOIT by Cole McCade

In this side story to the Bayou's End series, Ion Blackwell's (A Second Chance at Paris) younger sister Zoraya gets a rude wake-up call about her life, her career, and her love when a one-night stand turns out to be more than she can stand. Download for a sneak peek into the Blackwell family, and teaser hints into the story of Ion and Celeste.

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zero day exploit (noun):
1. An attack that penetrates a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer or system.
2. The kind of infuriating, manipulative man who gets under your skin and refuses to get out. And now, a one-night stand may turn out to be the biggest mistake of Zoraya Blackwell's career.

Zero Day Exploit has catapulted itself into my top ten reads of the year.  This little gem, has ended my reading year with a bang.

I make no secret that I've quickly become a fan of Cole McCade's work; having read his debut novelette in the Winter Rain anthology, I admit I had high expectations of what was in store.  He met them...surpassed them, and Zero Day Exploit is a glittering opener to his Bayou's End series.

“…if he kept looking at her that way, she’d probably do something reckless…”

Holding every element I want to find in a romance; from the characters and their journey, to the humour and those little moments that pulled my heartstrings, I lost myself in Evan James and Zoraya (Zero) Blackwell's journey.  He is perfect in a completely imperfect way; from the way he puts his brain in gear after his mouth has opened, to his more sensitive side, he's completely loveable (and he has a beard; I'm a sucker for a bit of facial fluff). And Zero was a woman after my own heart; bright, stubborn, snarky and standing out brightly from the sea of perfection we often find in romance, she was a refreshing heroine.  When Evan approaches her in a bar, their chemistry ignites from the moment they meet, leading to a night filled with fire and passion...

“You are definitely the mistake I’ll regret in the morning.  You won’t call me, I won’t call you.”

“I can deal with that.”

Banter, snark and fight creates a couple who are both amusing and sexy together and the emotional angle is written in a way which makes it intimate throughout as the characters fight a losing battle against their desires.

With an exceptional writing voice that absorbs you from the opening page, I'm expecting great things to come from Cole McCade in the future.  If you enjoy light, sexy, fun romance with some emotion, I genuinely don't see how this wouldn't work for you.

“It’s like you bring that feeling of home wherever you touch.”

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Rating: 5

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