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Review ~ DEAD SIMPLE by Shirley Wells

Dead Simple (A Dylan Scott Mystery, #8)
by: Shirley Wells
Series: Dylan Scott Mystery
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: January 5, 2015
Source: Publisher ~ Carina Press via NetGalley

Private investigator Dylan Scott is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. He has to cope for the sake of his two children, though it's easier to blame himself for her death and take comfort in a bottle of whisky.

When he hears that the man who helped him solve his first case has been killed in Dawson's Clough, Dylan finds a new purpose and vows to put all his energy into finding justice for him. Who would have a motive to kill a kind man like Simple Stevie? As it turns out, everyone.

Dylan's hunch is that Stevie must have snapped a photo of the wrong person, doing something they want erased, so he focuses his investigation on the town's residents. But Dylan's worst fears are realized when he again finds his own family in the crosshairs.

Dead Simple was a very good murder mystery.  It flowed along nicely and the hero, Dylan Scott was a likeable and normal guy.  There was nothing brooding about him.  He has flaws and he even has children, and a mother that lives with him.  Dylan is a private investigator with a checkered past.  He was disgraced out of the police department.  He drinks way too much and he knows it.  He is also a very thorough and persuasive man.

Dylan is called to action when an informant who helped him solve a case and get his life back on track is murdered.  Dylan doesn’t have any confidence that the police will put too many resources in solving the case so he takes it upon himself to get justice for Simple Stevie.  Dylan’s investigation leads him into a seedy part of town and he encounters multiple undesirable characters along the way.  He soon finds that some of the more elite characters that he comes across are hiding things.  With his relentless search for the truth, he unearths far more secrets than he intends to.  Consequently, there are several people that get brought to justice that have nothing to do with Simple Stevie.

It was a pleasure watching Dylan turn over all of the rocks and uncover crime after crime.  Dylan was a refreshing hero who was able to get past his own demons to gain justice for someone that most people had little respect for.  I hope to read more about Dylan Scott.

**Received a copy from Carina Press in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 4

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