Friday, March 20, 2015

Review ~ HERS TO BEAR by Tamara Hoffa

Hers to Bear (Animal in Me Series, #1)
by: Tamara Hoffa
Series:  Animal in Me
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 5, 2015
Source: Secret Cravings Publishing

Twenty-five and never been kissed, Jenna Raynes is a beautiful woman with a rubenesque figure often overlooked by men. In the mood for a little honey, the sassy new schoolteacher is stopped in her tracks by one growled word from an alpha bear…“Mine.”
Bern Helms’ inner bear catches the scent of his destined mate. His animal’s desire is drawn to her curves, but Jenna is human, and not lured to him by instinct. Convincing her begins as a sizzling, sweet affair that is soon spoiled by danger. In their small backwater town, nerves are strung taut. Someone is abducting shifter children.
When confronted, Jenna is as protective of her students as a mamma bear. For Bern, all bets are off when the kidnapper’s take Jenna too. Nothing will keep a bear from his mate. The hunters will become the hunted…

I loved figuring out the fantasy world Tamara Hoffa has created for her Animal in Me Series.  The small town of Honey Corners, West Virginia where werebears, humans, and wolves live is the perfect setting for Hers to Bear.  The hero and heroine of this story are likeable and endearing.  Add to the mix a slew of secondary characters and you have the making for a wonderful story and series.

Werebear and clan leader, Bern Helms comes off as being an insanely over the top alpha.  Turns out, it’s just the “bear” in him, coming out when he sees his mate Jenna for the first time.  Jenna Raynes is a human who has only been in Honey Corners for a short time after accepting a Kindergarten teaching position.  I found their first meeting to be comical, to say the least.

One of the main reasons I wanted to read this book was for the suspense factor. I truly thought there was going to be more of it but there wasn’t.  I will say that the suspense left an opening to an ending you aren’t going to see coming and will have you waiting for the next book.  I’m no stranger to reading steamy romances that are in your face with language and visual imaginary however, I have to admit that I find certain words offensive and felt that one word in particular should have landed on the cutting board.

I was actually surprised that the whole book took place over the course of a week at best.  A lot definitely happened in what should have been weeks or months.

Overall, for her first time writing a paranormal romance, with suspense elements, I think Tamara Hoffa did a wonderful job.  Now, I’m going to be patiently or not so patiently waiting for the next book in the series.

Rating: 4

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  1. I have seen this and wondered if it was any good. This moves it higher on my Want list.

    1. Hi Judith.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the review. I'm seriously waiting patiently for the next book, which hopefully will be sometime in May.

      Be sure to check out Tamara blog tour. There's all this information about the book.


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