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Romantic Suspense Review ~ Right Place, Right Time (Accidental Encounters, #2) by Leslie McKelvey

Right Place, Right Time (Accidental Encounters, #2)
by: Leslie McKelvey
Series: Accidental Encounters
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 31, 2015
Source: Author/Personal Purchase

While shooting pictures of a mama bear and her cubs in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlife photographer Beth Drummond witnesses a murderous shootout and the violent deaths of four men. When those responsible realize they’ve not only been seen but also photographed they give chase, determined to tie up loose ends. Praying she can outdistance her pursuers Beth dashes headlong through the woods, intent on nothing but reaching safety.
When Special Agent Bear Bristol, on leave from the FBI, hears gunshots and sees the woman running for her life, he knows he must intervene. He recognizes those who are chasing her and realizes that things are much worse than they seem. A vicious cartel with a mole at the FBI has put a target on Beth’s back, and there is no one they can trust. Unable to call for backup, Bear must keep Beth safe until they can figure out who the inside man is.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead of both corrupt law enforcement and the killers they learn to trust one another, and realize there is more between them than just friendship born of necessity. Can they overcome the obstacles they face, or will they win the fight to live only to lose the battle to love?

When a debut author releases their first book and it blows you away, you wonder if their sophomore book is going to do the same.  I mean lightning can’t possibly strike twice, or can it?  Right Place, Right Time does not disappoint. Leslie McKelvey has solidified herself as a fantastic author and storyteller.  Her writing allows you to actually visualize what’s happening, like you’re in the middle of the action.

Two years.  Two freaking years!!! That’s how long I’ve been waiting to read this book.  However, for fans of Leslie, the wait was worth it.  Right Place, Right Time is the follow up to Accidental Affair, but it can be read as a standalone.

Beth Drummond has met death and survived.  She’s a photographer who’s following a mama bear and her cubs through Rocky Mountain National Park. She stumbles upon a quadruple murder and unknowingly captures the murders on film.

Ted “Bear” Bristol is an FBI agent who is taking a leave of absence after the death of a fellow agent.  He just so happens to be in Rocky Mountain National Park, about to make camp when he hears gunshots.  His interest is piqued when he realizes the shots are from guns that shouldn’t be found in a park setting.  When he sees a woman running, he knows he must step in and help her; especially when he sees who’s after her.

Right Place, Right Time puts Bear and Beth on a collision course with one of Mexico’s largest drug smuggling cartels.  Their lives are further put into danger when they realize the police and other agencies are out to get them because of bad information that was provided.  Realizing there is a mole within the FBI, Bear is unsure who he can trust.  What he does could lead to the deaths of both him and Beth, as well as their friends.

Leslie once again has written a strong hero and heroine who have the ability to balance each other out.  She has managed to add just the right amount of romance but still deliver on the suspense side, with added events you won't see coming.

While Right Place, Right Time didn’t have me on the edge of my seat, afraid to turn the page like the previous book, it was still an engrossing read.  Bear will forever be on my list of favorite heroes.  I’m excited that there will be at least one more book in this series.  I’m really looking forward to revisiting all the characters.

**Received a copy from the in exchange for an honest unbiased review.  But I also bought the book personally.**

Rating: 5

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Leslie managed to get Bear to set down for an interview.  Check it out!!!

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