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THE TRUTH ABOUT LILLY by Christy McKee ~ Review

The Truth About Lilly (The Shores of Lake Champlain, #1)
by: Christy McKee
Series: Shores of Lake Champlain
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 7, 2015
Source: Author

Lilly Talbot never imagined she would be starting her life over again. Losing her good name for something she didn’t do forces her to move into an old lake house she inherited in Vermont. Upon arrival, she is shocked. Half the roof is about to slide into Lake Champlain. Even more upsetting, the man who can fix it will only agree if she trades him room and board for his labor. What will the good people of Haley think of her sharing a house with the handsome bachelor?

A man with a past…
Connor “Mac” McQueen, once one of the infamous Whiz Kids of Wall Street, spent three years in prison for insider trading. Only one thing sustained him during his time inside, the thought of owning Point Cottage, a home he’d fallen in love with years ago. Now his plans to transform the house into a stunning showcase for his eco-friendly home construction business might be scrapped.

Secrets and lies…
Now someone’s trying to drive Lilly from her home. Is it someone from her past? Mac has secrets of his own-- that could ruin lives if revealed. But if Lilly and Mac are to have a future together they must first delve into the past for answers and accept some difficult truths about each other. Only then, will they know if true love is in their hearts.

I like The Truth About Lilly a lot.  I highly recommend.  The Truth About Lilly has a down-home sweetness to it and a wonderful main character that everyone should aspire to be.  

Two years ago, Lilly Talbot became a widow.  Her husband left her with a lot of debt due to his gambling.  Per his request, she keeps it all a secret and endures verbal abuse from her mother-in-law and even her step-daughter, who she raised from the time she was four years old.  

Lilly is an excellent artist and makes a new life for herself.  She has trials and tribulations to overcome and lets a new man enter her life although the situation was forced upon her.  Connor “Mac” McQueen has a criminal past. Mac eventually helps Lilly set up in her new home and even helps her figure out falling in love is not a bad thing.  He falls hard as well.

The Truth About Lilly is a very cute story and I highly recommend to everyone.

**Copy received courtesy the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 5

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