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An interview with the lovely Roxanne Snopek

Before she was a novelist, Roxanne was an aerobics instructor (fired for insufficient coordination), a cosmetics salesperson (lacked that go-for-the-throat sales attitude), a dog-trainer (they all died*), a tax consultant with H&R Block (yeah, that was before Quicken and TurboTax), taught dog and cat breed names (she's a font of useless information) and even wrote content for an interactive romance/mystery video game (still can't master Windows 8.)

Now she explores all kinds of careers from the safety of her desk, through her characters. It's better for everyone that way.

*It was 25 years ago, people! It's not like they died because of her!

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Hi Roxanne.  Welcome to back Read Your Writes Book Reviews. I’m SO excited you could stop by today.

Thanks, Kimmie! I always love chatting with you!

You've been a very busy lady.  The Millionaire Daddy Project is your 10th romance book in less than three years!!! Congratulations!!!  Where do you find the time to write?

Thank you! You know, I just realized that myself, this morning! It’s a little overwhelming, thinking about it and I wouldn’t have imagined that first book, Three River Ranch (Entangled Bliss) would have opened so many doors for me. The time… I have no idea. Oh wait. My kids are mostly grown and I never clean my house. THAT’S where the time came from!

In a two week period, you released Cinderella's Cowboy through Tule Publishing and The Millionaire Daddy Project through Entangled Publishing.  Can you please tell me about each of the books?

Cinderella’s Cowboy is a sweet romance novella, part of my THIS OLD HOUSE series, and focuses on a playboy-cowboy who falls for a stuttering but resilient wallflower.

The Millionaire Daddy Project is a sexier full-length novel, part of the MEN OF THE ZODIAC series, in which a driven, successful Leo restaurateur suddenly gets custody of a four-year old daughter he never knew he had. His world is turned on its head, not the least by his executive assistant who insists that he – for once – takes a break from work to bond with his child. And yes, she’ll help, if she must.

Chad Anders (Cinderella's Cowboy) oh Chad.  I remember getting a glimpse of him in a previous book.  Please tell me what you love about this cowboy.

Chad is described by Melinda in A SWEET MONTANA CHRISTMAS as having a “toothpaste grin” and being too handsome for his own good. Of course, Melinda only has eyes for Austin, so what does she know? (winks) But yeah, Chad is such a love… and an idealist too. He believes in dreams though he’s afraid they’ll never come true for him. It’s the shock and marvel of his life to discover that Cynthia holds the key to his deepest, secret dreams of love.

I think one of the sexiest things in the world is watching a guy take care of kids.  So, I know I'm going to fall madly in love with Dane Bergman (The Millionaire Daddy Project).  What did you do to put Dane through the wringer?

Ah, Dane. The Great Dane Bergman. Entirely too full of himself, as Leos often are. But generous, big-hearted and truly deserving of the adoration he gets from his many minions. What’s the worst thing for such a man? To be ignored. So when his little girl refuses to talk to him and – gasp! – refuses to eat his food, too, he has no choice but to accept the help of his assistant Pamela, the one woman who always knows what he needs – whether he agrees with it or not!

My favorite squirm-worthy part for Dane: when little Dani needs help in the bathroom! I’ll show you:

“Look, Pam,” said Dane. “She locked herself in the bathroom after you left. Told me to go away because she was, and I’m quoting here ‘busy pooping.’ For twenty minutes.”

“And you didn’t go in to check on her?”

“No!” He looked horrified. “What was I supposed to do, break down the door?”

I know you already have your hero at home, but of all your written heroes, which one would you most like to spend the day with?  And why?

Oh, Kim. Right now? I’d have to say Dane from THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT … because he has a beach house!

You have some pretty amazing and strong heroines.  To date, which one is your favorite and why?  Or better yet, which one would you love to have as a best friend?

Hm, you do ask the tough ones, don’t you? I love Cynthia from CINDERELLA’S COWBOY. Anyone with a soft spot for kittens, like she has, is BFF material for me.


Introvert or extrovert?
Ha! Introvert. Some days, I shouldn’t leave the house.
Hero in jeans or suit?
Coffee or tea?
Vanilla rooibos tea latte.
Favorite food?
Beer Chicken – the kind they serve at Chad’s Fixer-Upper Dance.
Morning person or night owl?
I always stay up late reading, so I guess I’m an owl.
Dog or cat?
I cycle through, as they come and go in my life. My poodle Myshkin is the dog of my heart, but twenty years ago, I had a skinny orange cat named Simon on whom I based Cynthia’s barn-kitten.

Thank you again Roxanne.  It was a pleasure chatting with you.  Is there anything I left out or anything you would like to add?

Kim, you’re a doll to have me on your blog yet again. If you’re ever in Vancouver, BC, let me know. We’ll have seafood pasta, ala Dane Bergman. Or, more likely, a Japa-Dog.

Chad Anders doesn’t know why mousy Cynthia Henley trips all over her tongue when she’s around him. Nor does he understand his undeniable attraction to this good girl. Wild and sexy is his type, like the dream-girl he caught a glimpse of years earlier he’s never forgotten.

Cynthia’s superpower is invisibility, especially with men. It’s better for everyone that way. Besides, she’s got a cat. She’s okay. But when playboy-rancher Chad hires her, she’s got a chance to shine. Professionally, at least. Until she learns of his fascination with a mysterious dream-girl, who was actually nothing more than a shy teenager on an ill-advised dare all those years ago. Cynthia knows she’s no man’s dream-girl and never will be.

But there’s magic at the ball. Princesses glow in the starlight, princes appear out of nowhere, and, sometimes, they look a lot like cowboys…

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Have a look at my 5 star review of Cinderella’s Cowboy here.

He takes control...and gives all kinds of pleasure

In the space of about a second, successful restaurateur Dane Bergman has gone from millionaire playboy to daddy. Now he's the sole guardian of a very adorable and willful four-year-old child, and he's counting on his executive assistant, Pamela Atwater, to save his ass. Even if it means bringing her along on a month-long ocean-side retreat...

Pamela Atwater prides herself on being the perfect assistant. Whatever Dane wants or needs, she's there—pretending to ignore Dane's golden charm and drop-dead gorgeousness. On vacation, however, Pamela sees a side of Dane she never imagined. And it's a side that tempts her to cross the line between professional and personal. But is one month enough time to prove to Dane that his perfect assistant might just be his perfect match?

Sign: Leo

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Get a sneak peek of The Millionaire Daddy Project here.

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