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Review ~ FORCE OF ATTRACTION by D.D. Ayres

Force of Attraction (K-9 Rescue, #2)
by: D.D. Ayres
Series: K-9 Rescue
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Source: St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley

The only thing more powerful than fear is desire…

A seasoned K-9 officer with the police in Maryland, Cole Jamison has left her old life behind her. With a new home and a new partner—a protective canine named Hugo—Cole is ready for fresh challenges. A crucial position on an important drug task force is exactly what she wants…until she discovers her gorgeous, infuriating ex-husband will be the DEA agent in charge.


Agent Scott Lucca may be a pro when it comes to undercover assignments, but this job is daunting even for him. Posing as a happy couple on the dog competition circuit means he and Cole need to get a lot closer than they’ve been in years. Playing a live-in couple should seem like a walk in the park compared to tracking a brutal criminal, but suddenly nothing could be more dangerous than the passionate fire they’ve rekindled…

"Incredible! You’ll be on the edge of your seat to see if the heroine can make it out alive."—Catherine Coulter, New York Times bestselling author on Irresistible Force…

Force of Attraction was fun to read.  There was a good balance of romance, suspense, and even a little humor.  All in all, there was a decent amount of action in and out of the sheets.  DEA K-9 Agent Scott Lucca ruined his marriage to K-9 Police Officer Nicole “ Cole” Jamieson two years ago.  He still loves her and regrets breaking her heart while he was involved in an undercover operation that forced him to take part in a public sex act that just happened to be on her beat.  Under the guise of needing her to help locate a possible drug smuggling ring involving Dog Agility Competitions, Scott attempts to win her back and prove to her that he is not the same guy anymore.

Scott and Cole clearly have a magnetic attraction to each other.  Cole tries desperately to deny her feelings for Scott but she must face the truth if she wants to further her career and move on with her life.  Dangerous characters from Scott’s previous undercover gig threaten to sabotage their current operation and possibly get someone close to Scott hurt.  Scott will have to face down his demons and use his skills to figure out who is behind the drug smuggling while also trying not to get their cover blown. In addition, Cole has to get her K9 partner prepared to compete in the Agility Competitions while embracing her first undercover persona which isn’t so easy with Scott pretending to be her boyfriend.

While I enjoyed the book, it was not as great as it could have been.  It stuck to a familiar plot line that didn’t make me desperate to keep reading.  That’s not to say that it wasn’t good.  I just wasn’t very surprised by anything that happened.

**Received a copy from St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 4

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